Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A lovely morning in Greyton

Gorgeous climber rose in The Post House's delightful garden
Today was one of my favourite kind of days. A day when I had the freedom and time to explore a little of one of my favourite South African villages, namely Greyton. This quaint settlement, so reminiscent of an English country village, is situated in the beautiful mountainous region of the Western Cape. While Greyton gives the impression of being thousands of kilometres away, it takes a mere hour and a half to drive there from Cape Town.

Monday, February 13, 2012

In No Particular Sequence!

I woke up this morning, fully intending 'to get my house in order'. That was until the temptation to venture out into the garden became far too insistent to resist. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Show and Tell

I told you I 'd be back.
It has just taken a little longer than I'd planned. After all, the job of playing is serious business. Anyway, now that I'm finally seated at the computer keyboard, I want to spotlight what we got up to this past weekend.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Prettiest Tiny Garden!

Such a pretty bowl of welcoming flowers!
Some of my 'faithful followers' know of my daughter Linda, either through 'Romeo's Wish', or through reading her blog, The Squashed Tomato. As her exceedingly proud mother (don't get me started, else I fear I won't be able to stop myself) I know I am not just biased in her favor. She really is that special and I regularly wish I could sing her praises from the rooftops (she will not allow me to do so and that is why I am so reticent).

Now, before you grab your things and rush away, thinking I'm just another blogger nauseatingly puffed up with maternal pride, please let me reassure you right here and now. This post is not about Linda. It is about her little garden. I was there yesterday and, although I had not taken my camera along, I just could not resist snapping away using my mobile's camera. I do hope that all of you who are 'novice gardeners' or who have teeny tiny plots of your own will be able to glean some lovely ideas from Linda's delightfully pretty, little garden. I am so proud of what she has achieved in her own teeny tiny garden.

See for yourselves...