Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What do you call the block a blogger gets?

Baby squirrel in our Willow tree.
Writers have it easy!  Yes, Carol (@Facing 50 with Humour) and, Karen (@ Out of My Mind)...I am referring to you, two, too!

For anyone who hasn't yet discovered either of these wonderfully gifted, talented writers, you don't know what you've been missing!  PLEASE DO POP OVER.  I guarantee you will not be sorry you did!

OK, back to MY BLOG now...Have you noticed, every time writers want to cop-out (opt out) they latch on to the dread disease, professing they are suffering from writer's block.

Strangely, this is not a medically verifiable affliction.  It's not like a germ actually manifests itself in their bloodstream or anything.  Furthermore, it's something they always self-diagnose.  They don't actually go to a doctor to be told, after careful examination, that they have contracted writer's block!  Yet, when a writer announces that he/she has fallen prey to this scourge, everyone around them retreats into a sympathetic huddle, discussing this malady in hushed whispers, as though the mere mention of it will cause the writer to explode into a fitful rage, which I suppose they often do (No, Carol and Karen...I'm not including you, as I'm sure neither of you has ever thrown a fit!)  

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What's up with you bloggers?  We've doubled our attraction here, yet you're still reading that rubbish!

If you happen to bump into the regular hangers-on of writers, while they're out shopping for example, they'll sidle up beside you, offering you their confidence, in undertones, as though they were offering some highly secret, classified information.  They will take delight in regaling you with detailed accounts of how the author of the moment hasn't slept or eaten for days and has barely even washed him/herself, let alone brushed his/her teeth.  Really!  As if you needed to know that!

These well-meaning sycophants will give detailed descriptions of how wan and hollow-eyed their writer friend has become and they'll share their latest failed attempt at shattering this paralysing ailment.  You'll be told how much they spent on the very best quality, imported wine/chocolates/fillet steak, but how none of these surefire attempts has worked this time, so they're out there trying to up the ante.

Yes, for sure a writer knows well how to trump up support and gain sympathy for those times when an excuse is needed to break from the books, so to speak!  To be indulged to the nines and not have to spend a cent of their own money!

Yes, I see you see me, too?
But what of the blogger?  Do bloggers get to mould or adapt the writer's block malady to fit their own blocked state?  Can they feasibly go around proclaiming they have blogger's block?  Is there a copyright or patent on this label?  Will they be sued for illegal copy?  Will anyone even believe them, if they suddenly profess to be suffering from this new disease?

So, what do bloggers come up with when they need a reason to take a break from blogging?  Do they risk losing their loyal followers by being honest?  If they say, "I'm tired, bored out of my mind, can't be bothered to blog right now, so expect me back when you see me!" will their followers remain loyal or dump them?  What of their families, those long-suffering loved-ones who sit alone, night after night, LONG into the night, while the blogging member of the family contentedly taps away the hours at the keyboard, occasionally calling out, impatiently, for more tea/coffee/something a lot stronger?  Will they believe the blogger member when he/she announces, "I'm afraid I have blogger's block?" 

Hey!  I'm trying to attract your attention over here...stop reading that stupid blog!!!
Will they be relieved?  Will they do their best to ensure the patient never ever recovers?  Or will they pull out all their hidden sympathy guises and do daily battle to break the hold of this paralysing affliction?  Will they realise, ultimately, that all their complaining over the past weeks, months and maybe years was unjustified?  That they actually got used to having so much more free time to do their own thing, without a nagging son/daughter/husband/wife to bug them?  And now, the bug--r is back (you fill in the blank spaces yourself.  I'm not into swearing!) and bugging them?

Maybe, just maybe, bloggers can use a similar tool to arouse sympathy, albeit it of the false kind...but what on earth can we call it, without risking all those writers suing us for copyright or fraud or stealing their patent on their malady?  Any ideas...anyone?  I know there are some bloggers out there who read my ramblings...don't be reticent...put your life on the line here and help us out of a potentially tough spot!  Aren't we all in this, together?

OK, now I've moved over to the Japanese elm  (ulmus parvifoliar) to nibble on this piece of apple...want some?

OK, I guess any regulars I have will have guessed it.  I'm out of material.  I had to fill in with something.  I have a cold, my dog has bronchitis.  My husband is tired of photographing the moon for me...this was the best I could come up with.  



    You got several laughs and I smiled the entire time.
    As for the little squirrel...terrific pics and captions. Makes me want to adopt one.

    The content was new to you and very entertaining. I think you have to give yourself more credit. Wait until Carol reads it. I'll bet she says the same thing.

    And, by the way, thanks for the plug. kt

  2. Oh....almost forgot....what could writers block for bloggers be called???/

    How about 'bloggers blight"

  3. Karen:

    Oh, excellent name! You are just so glad you popped over! Thanks for your kind comments :)

  4. What cute pictures of squidges! You know, if you are truly out of material, you could repost an old post about touring your garden. I know I, for one, wouldn't be bored with that!

  5. What a great romp of a read! And I loved the squirrel pictures, too. The whole thing was a perfect experience for a blustery, unpredictable, March afternoon.

  6. Good Post! Great read indeed! Say hi to the squirrel who inspired you and give him some more apple! He deserves it. I suppose a blog is a post, so you could call it Postman's Knock, or Lock, or something....

  7. Hi Michael & Hanne:

    Methinks I'll need to run a competition with all these make the choice democratic ;)

    Great to have you here. The squirrels will get more apple in the morning...too dark to head out there now!

  8. So sweet love

  9. No ideas here sorry! I'll just deal with this the same way I do for inspiration on my blog .... just wait - and they will come. Guess I'm just a haphazard kind of blogger.

    Thanks for a good laugh first thing in the morning.

    Hang on, something's happening. Thought of something:

    "Blogstipation" ?

    [oh, now that's just plain awful... sorry Des [blush] ]

  10. You did good for not having anything to say!!

  11. I am one of your loyal followers, although luckily for me I don't suffer writer's block because I don't have your gift of writing and so far have not suffered from reader's block. Okay I know there is no such malady but I am a "self-professed doctor so I can come up with a new syndrome. I love your writing and my advise for the cure to your type of illness is... oh wait I don't have one. Hmmm well just keep writing. Start with "I have a dog, his name is Spot" and all of a sudden the words will just flow. :0)

  12. Oh, that I should run out of things to blog about and then write so eloquently! PLEASE GOD, let that happen to me!
    Desiree, could you send a little of that "writer's block" to me? I mean I really NEED it. Did you see that rather weak post on my doll? If that isn't proof enough I don't know what is! :)

  13. Very smart!

    With me, it tends to be shortage of photos rather than shortage of words. Just lately, I've had a few occasions when I've been down to my last planned post.

    How about calling it post stump?

    Love the squirrels by the way :)

  14. No, I don't believe you. How can anyone who has writer's block write such an entertaining post about having writer's block?Besides anyone who can leave such lucid and hilarious comments on people's blogs ie mine can never be short of someting to say. I think you've discovered a side you didn't know you had Mrs Humorous!
    On a serious note...if you need time off...I say take it. Your real friends and followers will still be there when you get back.
    Now I have to say here and now that I am HUGELY flattered that you've mentioned me here. (By the way I rarely write in capital letters so I am clealy 'over the moon' about it).
    Take the day off, rest up and give the poor dog some cough medecine. I, for one, will always be around when you feel like writing :)

  15. If my last comment has disappeared into the ether I am going to scream! It's you again Karen you've blighted my typing. I've got 'Karenitus'
    Oh lord I can't face typing it out again. I think I'll come back later and see if it's appeared.
    Sorry Desiree but I shall come back and write it again if it's not here.

  16. Carol:

    No, no! You've missed the point, entirely! I'm not a writer...I'm just a lowly blogger! I was bemoaning the fact that you, the writers of this planet, get it so easy when you run out of things to say. As a blogger, who has been feeling under the weather and not very inspired to search for thrilling new material, I was merely wondering what feasible excuse I could come up with to garner even a droplet of sympathy!

    I do not for one moment regard myself as a writer. How on earth could we hope to succeed with the kind of competition the likes of you and Karen offer?

    I was just fooling around a bit. I'd laid claim to my husband's gorgeous squirrel pictures and had to fill in the blank spaces. Today, I'm playing catch-up on the household chores.

    I've received your email, Carol. Many thanks indeed. I'll get back to you 'under separate cover' :)

    Hope you get over your cold soon!


    Des xoxo

  17. Hi Desiree and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it and enjoyed reading yours. Your squirrels did get my attention. Beautiful pictures and I am a real fan of wildlife. We have these regular themes like "wordless wednesday" or "thankful thursday" that are fairly easy to come up with something for a blog but the other days can be difficult when you seem to have run out of fresh ideas. I would like to invite you back to my blog for 2 special posts. Both should be on the first page. One is about a park near my home that is very well done & the other is "when she was young" Barbara Mandrell that will entertain you. Thanks again for stopping by.

  18. Hi Desiree,
    What a fun post! I love your commentary and the squirrels' as well. The photos are so sweet.

    I don't think of myself as a writer, but when I am doing a post, I think of it as talking. I have plenty to talk about, but don't have the time, so I just post when I can. Also, I've found that when folks visit my blog, they tend to just read the most recent post, so by not posting every day, more of the posts get read. Still, there are times I post several days in a row. I don't remember how often you've been posting.

    I'm trying to think of what to call it when a blogger can't think of what to write about, but nothing is coming to my brain. :o)

    I hope you and your dog are feeling better.

  19. Get well soon! And the dog too!

    Your blog is somewhat different and I sense a bit of irony in it. What do bloggers do when they have "blogger's block". Two words say it all: "Wordless Wednesday".

    It is a little trick used to keep readers coming back: post nice pictures or videos. Bloggers have it much easier than writers, since they not only write, they also offer information, photos, videos and anecdotes and it can be as long or short as they want. See, your own squirrels prove that.

    I hope you won't take this the wrong way. The squirrels are lovely and you're always treating us to such great photos and stories.

    I think the most important thing a blogger needs is to be him/herself. And that is what makes me keep coming back to wonderful blogs like yours.

  20. Lavi:

    Thank you so much for visiting and for your comments. To let you into a secret, I was really just fooling around a bit. Probably a combination of a stuffy head and the cold & flu medication I'd been swallowing all day!

    So glad you enjoyed the squirrels! We love them to bits and feel honoured they choose to visit our garden :)

    I hope your project is drawing to an end and that you'll be able to relax this weekend!


    Des xo

  21. Desiree, for having blogger's block, you certainly were able to write a lot. LOL! Very cute squirrel especially the one in the elm.
    All we have to do is say "squirrel!" and Maggie goes wild herself, running from window to window dying to get sight of one. She's love to chase one, if she could, but the trouble is she'd keep going, carefree.
    Tell that husband to GET out there and get more moon pictures!

  22. I know what else I meant to say.... I hope you feel better real soon.
    A cold can be a misery - but I know we all benefited from it. Oh that sounds wrong but, anyway, thanks for a thought-stimulating and downright funny post.
    Cheers and get better wishes :D)

  23. Two things - when your muse is on a roll, store up rough posts, ideas and titles for the fallow period. Or, take the opportunity to catch up on reading, and leave lots of comments, till your muse returns.

    Flip in a post that changes the tempo - and see - how your readers love it ;~)


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