Friday, April 1, 2011

I'd say we got our money's worth! [Part 2 of Helicopter flight]

To those of you who were brave enough to hop aboard this helicopter flight  a few days ago, I'm pleased to see you're still hanging in there quite happily.  I knew that choosing a really good-looking pilot would be worth the extra cost and give you something to gaze at if you started to get bored with looking out of the windows.

I'm not so sure the pilot has been all that happy being kept up here for quite this long.  It's probably  high time I suggest he bring us in to land, but before we do, grab those cameras for one last round of clicking.  You never know, this might well be the last chance you'll have of taking this flight around the Cape Peninsula!  I see it's grown a bit hazy in the time we've been up here, but no matter, I'm sure you've all had a great flight and I'd say we got our money's worth!

Once we've landed you can all give me a couple of your pictures.  We'll jumble them up in a hat and I'll put them up randomly on my blog...that way, no one has preference over anyone else and no one needs to feel their nose is out of joint, OK?  We won't even give them captions...we'll just allow each picture to speak for itself. After all, this is not a photographic contest.  Just a nice outing we've captured on camera!

If you would like to complete this flight with us and have a safe landing, then please click the Read more button below...



Almost down now!  You'll soon be able to make a dash for the Ladies & Gents...I can see from the expressions on your faces that you've all been pinching like crazy.

See, I promised you a safe landing!

Oh, boy!  Am I pleased to be able to stretch my legs.  Much as I enjoyed the flight, it was a bit cramped with all of us squeezed in there together.


  1. Another wonderful ride and the scenery was absolutely awesome. The color of the water and the ruggedness of the land was breathtaking. As my children were famous for saying, "again,again".
    Thanks for the ride and the experience. A place to be proud of.

  2. That was so beautiful!! I think I'm a little breathless right now...
    I loved how the sea looks just a wee li'l bit different in each shot. Great pictures, Des!! :) :)

  3. You are so lucky! This is amazing! Good for you. Thanks for reading and laughing at my pain on my blog btw. lol Have to say, now it's really funny. then not so much!

  4. Wonderful! I love looking at things from the air! When I flew across the USA last fall, I was nose to the window almost the whole way.

    What a gorgeous sight this must have been for the first sailing ships to come that way -- those beautiful mountains and bays...

  5. What a wonderful trip! Thanks! It is so great being a virtual one- it means we can go back and do it all over again!

  6. Wowwwwwwwwwwww...this is so great !!! it ......happy love

  7. :-) A beautiful trip!! Thanks for letting me tag along. Good thing I wore my Arrid Extra Dry!! LOL

  8. Fun! Loved the views!! Thanks for taking us along.

  9. I honestly don't think I would ever have the nerve to go up in a helicopter for real, so your helicopter ride was a lot of fun! Just the way I like my thrills!

    There are some wonderful photos here. I especially like the one with those huge round rocks, the same size as some of the buildings.

    What an amazing place South Africa is!

  10. Wow! It's strange to be on dry land again after that wonderful ride in the helicopter. Though I'm a little disappointed not to see so much of the pilot this time. He was probably a bit busy in the cockpit with Carol I suspect. ThaT girl is always on the look out for an unsuspecting man. (And yes, Facing50with humour, you are the Carol that I am talking about here!! You should be ashamed of yourself!!). I so much enjoyed that trip Desiree - thank you so much for agreeing to squeeze me on board.

  11. Amazing scenery! Great ride I bet!

  12. Truly beautiful scenery. I do think Karen and I share genes, so you won't catch me in a helicopter anytime soon. Considering my ill luck, I don't want to endanger anyone else.

  13. NO, FAIR!!!!
    Where's the picture of the handsome pilot?.....

    Did I see a castle amongst the photos? (#5)

    FYI:Now, taking a helicopter flight is on my bucket list. We have a great place in an area called Branson. Will look into it this summer.

    Thanks for the virtual flight, though......kt

  14. All in us squeezed in there together and so many people who are visiting this blog... I can almost imagine all of us cramped in there, looking out the window, saying "ooh" and "aah".

    You make me feel like I was there and, looking at the photos, I almost feel dizzy. The view is breathtaking and the sea so lovely. I particularly liked photo number 40. Great angle, beautiful hills and the waves look almost like they are pouring downwards along the coast line.

    I'm tempted to ask what camera you use, just out of curiosity.

    And about the Phantom of the Opera, I know the main song (a lot of people sing it), but not much else. I will look for it though, it sounds interesting.

  15. Great post and photos. We did well didn't we. It is a beautiful place, the beaches and especially where the mountains fall into the sea. Just magic. Thanks so much for the free ride.

  16. Ah, I knew it! By the naming (DSC), I figured out you must have also had Nikon. We also do (mine was a gift from dad, my fiance won his in a cigarette contest).

    Congratulations for your new camera! I'm sure you'll like it better than the old. The new ones are taking clearer pictures and smoother videos.

    Yes, I got carried away...

    Looking forward to more virtual trips. I always wonder where you'd be taking us next time...

  17. Oh sorry Desiree I was a bit preoccupied on that flight...sitting up so closely to that gorgeous pilot and playing with his collective lever I forget to keep an eye out on all the wonderful scenery...can I go again?

  18. CAROL:

    Only if you promise not to fiddle with the pilot's lever next time :)

  19. AAAaaaaahh...touchdown!
    uh...can i let go now?

    thanks for the wild ride...the awesomely beautiful!

    (now...which way to the ladies room??)

  20. See what I mean about that Carol - she's got no shame whatsoever. Pilot's lever indeed!!!

  21. DIANE:

    Yes, and there I was accusing you of besmirching her good name! Well, now that I know her type, next time I'll have no hesitation in making her sit right at the back, on her own! :)

  22. Desiree, I totally enjoyed going on your trip with you. What a beautiful place you live in. What fun! :-) Thank you so much for sharing!


  23. Wow, I was wondering how long you'd leave us up there! I thought I'd missed the 'coming down' portion. This is such a spectacular setting, Desiree! I can see why people would want to live here. It is Capetown, right? The road along the coast must be a popular drive, beautiful!

  24. Simply fantastic! What photography. I wonder who lives in that remote house so far from civilization. How interesting!

    Desiree, is the part of Africa where you live, in the ring of fire like we are? Goes to show you what I know of geography. My husband just told me it is not. No earthquakes there?
    Just such a gorgeous place to live!

  25. Thanks for taking us along! I was able to travel from the comfort of my couch, and not have to worry about pinching. ;o) I know things are even more spectacular in person, but you captured the beauty quite well!

  26. Absolutely stunning photos! Thanks so much for sharing with us.


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