Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grab your wallets...we're going shopping in Franschhoek!

Handcrafted African-themed pottery on display in a Franschhoek Curio and Gift Shop.

It pleases me no end, knowing so many of you have been enjoying this series on Franschhoek. I thought I'd give you a change of scene this time around and show you inside one of the gift shops, in case any of you feel the impulse to buy a souvenir before we go for lunch.

The pretty rose gardens and fountain outside the Franschhoek City Hall which fronts on to the many quaint shops lining the main road through the village centre.

The roses were very healthy and covered in buds. When we visit again at the end of October to view the Open Gardens, these many rose bushes will be covered in blooms.

The shops are arranged in little courtyards up and down the length and breadth of the main road. This is one such courtyard.

Little cobbled alleyways between the shops are attractively designed and maintained, in keeping with the general charm of the village.

I thought this shop would hold some appeal for my international readers who may not get to see African artefacts very often...

These wooden carvings are sourced all over Africa...

Tourists obviously go for items such as these in a big way, since they feature several of the wild animals endemic to this continent.

The beadwork on display is typical of Africa. I was personally rather drawn to these quirky clay pots decorated with touches of gold paint, which completed the African designs rather well.

These little warthogs were ever so cute!

More pottery and lots of jewellery!

So many little displays throughout the shop...

One needed to take care not to bump into anything!

I hope all this shopping has worked up a hearty appetite for lunch? Oh, good, because we're going to La Petite Dauphine, a beautiful, boutique wine farm. We'll be having lunch at their wonderful restaurant, Cafe Bob Bon. Being such a perfect day, we'll opt to sit outdoors. They have plenty of seating on the patio out front, in addition to a charming courtyard at the back.

Cafe Bon Bon at La Petite Dauphine, Franschhoek

When we arrived, there were several guests already enjoying lunch on the patio out front, so we sat in the courtyard at the back and had it all to ourselves (almost!)

This is The Studio, a very attractive venue for private gatherings.

The building to the left is the indoor dining area of Cafe Bon Bon.

You will recognise the ladder and potted lavender to the right of the doorway as the scene with which I "tempted" you in my last post.

Let's take a peek inside The Studio before we make our way out to the courtyard behind to enjoy our al fresco meal.

The wine tasting room is directly ahead and to the back of the dining area of The Studio

All of the paintings and several of the decor items in this dining area are for sale. Here, we are standing in the dining area looking back out towards the entrance.

The courtyard where we had lunch is directly ahead, beyond the open doorway.

What's that on the carpet? A jolly good imitation of a rooster?

Oh, my goodness, no! It's the genuine article!

Oh, hi! Hendrik's the name...pleased to bid you welcome!

A comfortable seating area in the dining room.

One of the lovely original artworks for sale.

Closer look at one of the tableaux in this lovely dining room.

A closer look at another of the paintings. My picture does not do justice to the artist at all!

The Smiling Man is reflected in the mirror. I'd asked him to use his camera to photograph the interior of The Studio.

Another eye-catching corner.

OK, enough griping about being so hungry! Here we the Courtyard. Please do seat yourselves.

If you don't mind, I'm going to continue taking pictures while we wait for our first order to arrive...I do love this wooden carving!

A pretty spot beneath a window overlooking the courtyard invites one to take a seat...

And look who's come to join us for lunch beneath the huge shady tree where we are comfortably's Hendrik, the resident rooster, again! I did mention we were only "almost alone!"

Isn't he beautiful? 

Oh, here's my salad first course. It looks so fresh and tasted even better! I completely forgot to photograph the rest of the meal, as I was mesmerised by the beauty of my surroundings and allowed myself to succumb entirely to the moment, savouring each delicious mouthful and each sip of chilled wine. The whole experience was very restful and absolutely repeatable!

Walking back to the car a couple of hours later, we enjoyed a final look around the well-maintained yard...

One of the decorative features outdoors...

A row of wine barrels marks the boundary wall...

Such a pretty view beyond the boundary wall!
Thank you for visiting. Please do call again!
 We certainly intend to, thank you, Hendrik!


  1. I was just about to shut down to go out and do some flower-bed clean-up when your post popped up. Now I'll be out in the cold sunshine thinking of sun-drenched courtyards and brilliantly-painted pottery. Beautiful!

  2. Good evening Desiree,
    What lovely photographs you're showing us again. It's nice and interesting to see your part of the world. I like the warthogs. Simply beautiful.
    Enjoy your Sunday evening!

  3. Desiree, you really know how to live. This is my kind of day trip and I thoroughly enjoyed having you as my tour guide. Thanks to your superb photography I actually felt like I was right there strolling the quaint, litter free courtyards lined with shops. I was amazed at the variety of arts and crafts on display - so many colors, textures and materials to appreciate that it takes the eye quite a while to gather it all in. I have never seen a warthog figurine but I'd love to have one of those! The shops are packed with treasures gathered from far and near and I would be afraid to get too close for fear of turning into a proverbial bull in a china shop and knocking something over. I love Hendrik the rooster! His beauty rivals that of the peacocks in your earlier post. That wooden fish carving was another standout item among many. To top it off you enjoyed a delicious lunch outdoors under the blue spring sky! I can't imagine a more perfect day or a more interesting post, dear friend Desiree!

  4. The handcraft is amazing! And the colours in the nature are amazing!

  5. Oh I love the rooster! How fun is he? Again though you have made me jealous and thankful. Jealous because I love the serene and quiet look you have given us, and thankful that you posted these and gave me a birds eye view of a culture and country I have never seen. Thanks Des.

  6. That's it. I'm a goner. I love your post and that beautiful rooster Hendrik. OMG. My kitchen is decorated with roosters and I have monkey, giraffe and elephant art around the living room. I live in the desert remember, and my area looks very similar to those vistas you photographed.

  7. This is great !!!...lovely week

  8. Gosh this has been an interesting trip and lunch.

    I love Hendrick the rooster. I also liked the warthogs. So cute.

    And the sites were terrific.

    Love, sandie

  9. What a lovely place to visit, shop and the outdoor dining looked perfect. Rooster and all! He's cute! I'm in awe of how clean everything is there.

  10. Dear Desiree, what a delight time I just spent with you! Thank you for this three-part visit. Here's what reached out from your photographs and grabbed my immediate attention: a wooden giraffe on a shelf to the left in one photo; the lovely woven red carpet in the Studio; the Toulouse Lautrec print high up on the wall of the Studio; the antique wooden cradle in that same photograph; the handsomeness, downright beauty, of Hendrik, the carved fish; and finally, you tickled my taste buds with that lovely salad!

    Please do take other trips and take us along with you.


  11. Hendrik was such a charming host! What a gorgeous little place you found. Thanks for the enchanting visit in such a darling place. It does seem like you were all alone. The artwork was beautiful.

  12. Oh what a delight!! Nope! This is nothing like I would ever see up here in Fargo, North Dakota--LOL! I was mesmerized!! I loved the squat tea pots with their bright colored accents. So many artifacts to catch the eye!

    I love Hendrik, but immediately wondered about where he does his business if he wanders the house. Maybe he's trained to go outside. He's got such beautiful coloring.

    What fun to go to lunch with you!! :):)

  13. Wonderful stuff! Looks a bit like the scenery around here, with all our vineyards and their fancy restaurants and the blue sky! I love the rooster! He should be at our Red Rooster Winery, full of Art and fine wine!

  14. What a great place to eat! I'm not sure I would have focused on the food for trying to take everything in! And that Henrick! Stunning!

    I love those little cobbled alleyways. We have a cobbled street downtown Charleston and it's my favorite street down there!

    Oh, I grabbed Hubs' wallet. I bought one of everything!

  15. The photos of the African artefacts are awsome and The Studio looks like a wonderful place to dine.....just the type of place I would love.

  16. LOVE that rooster! and those warthogs - i think i'd have had to buy one of them! :)

  17. just as well I wasn't there in person - my wallet would have been empty! I once again enjoyed your lovely tour.

  18. Desiree...I literally had tears in my eyes at the beauty you have surrounding you. What crystal blue skies and luscious lands...
    And Hendrix! I'd love to have him as a lunch companion and love to have shared your lunch with you.
    Sigh...maybe one day.
    Thanks for a lovely tour and I guess it did save my wallet doing the tour virtually as it is pretty virtually empty at the moment!

  19. Hello, Dearest Desiree.
    Thank you SO MUCH for another GORGEOUS,DELIGHTFUL tour♡♡♡
    Oh, you made me wish to visit the wonderland (for me)again!!!
    How unique their artefacts are, I enjoyed seeing the variety of them. I never seen warthog figurine and wooden carvings are so fabulous and attractive. Yes, cobbled alleyways are adding the serene atmosphere,aren't they!!!
    And you must have a wonderful relaxing time in that studio and beautiful dinning area. Haha, your phrase explaining for not having taken the picture of the meal,"I was mesmerised by the beauty of my surroundings and allowed myself to succumb entirely to the moment, savouring each delicious mouthful and each sip of chilled wine" was so educational for me! And I so LOVED the way you allowed Hendrik to greeted us♬♬♬

    Love and Lots of Hugs to you, xoxo Orchid*

  20. Desiree,Lovely Shop and BonBon Cafe but Hendrik stole the show.
    I realy enjoy reading your blog and the great photos.

  21. Every photo held such beautiful interest, both indoors and out. It's understandable why a return visit is desirable, by Deiree!!!

  22. Hi Desiree - I so enjoyed this tour, just like the other ones. The photography is absolutely stunning. I loved that old bench, above the photos of the roosters! The paintings of the stunning views are amazing. Wonderful! Hope all is well with you dear friend.

  23. Enjoyed the visit. I would like that teapot on the top right in the first photo.

    The rooster - gotta love him. And the warthogs. Too cute.

  24. Desiree, I had to show my husband your photos and now he wants to know what type of a camera took these spectacular pictures? Could you email me the name?

  25. EVE:

    Regarding the cameras my husband and I use, here's the info you requested on behalf of your hubby :)

    I use a Nikon D3100
    My husband uses a Nikon D80
    We interchange with various lenses.

  26. That was the most beautiful cafe/restaurant I've ever seen - much more like someone's gracious home than a public eatery. What a wonderful place to visit.

  27. Roosters do have a way of entering places where they are not allowed. Hendrick's twin lives here and often sneaks into the house to steal the cat food.
    I really enjoyed the pottery. As a constant participant in art and craft shows, I thought I had seen it all, but the animal pottery is really special. The colors are joyous, I bet it sells like crazy!

  28. Oh how fun! There are so many beautiful pictures and darling items in those pictures.

    I LOVE those little warthogs the best though. :)

  29. You have said several times lately that my house goes non stop.. I think you have nailed my house to a tee.. haha Thank you for coming over so often.. I know you are super busy and I really appreciate you. Big hugs lady. Hope you have a great day.

  30. 'Charm' is a perfect word to describe this place! It is also clean and bright and sunny!

    I love the crafts, especially the beadwork. The patterns and colours are brilliant in both senses of the word. The wooden carvings are also beautifully done.

    What a delightful place to visit! (and yes, Hendrik is beautiful! I would have been very happy to say hello!)

  31. There have been times that I have seen one of your blogs thinking Des couldn't do one to top this one and then I see "this" one. OMG I fell in love with that gorgeous rooster. All the pictures made me want to be transported into that setting but the rooster made my day. I feel so blessed after seeing your lovely corner of the world. Thanks for sharing your joy.


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