Saturday, November 26, 2011

Heathcliff Back At The Keyboard

Hi Everybody! It has been quite some time since I last nudged Desiree off her blogging seat.
I thought you might like to know that Bonny, Toby, Coco, Milo, Noodle and I are all doing very well. With the warmer weather, we have been spending some time at the pool. Continue reading to see all of us having fun in the sun!

Toby and I are the two swimmers. Bonny does not enjoy being in the pool much and the pups are still getting used to the idea. Linda was here this week and spent quite a lot of time playing at the pool with us. She even had her camera on one of the days and took lots of photos of us. It wasn't easy for me to decide which showed us off at our best. I think we're all good-looking all of the time, so the choice comes down to Good-Better-Best. I'll leave you to decide for yourselves...

Bonny was finding the sun a bit bright and had one eye half closed.
Toby is actually an otter. He just looks like a German Shepherd! Water really is his natural element.
Coco is our Glamour Girl. She loves water, but is not yet too sure about the swimming pool and likes to watch from the sidelines. I also think she's trying to keep that fair complexion, blemish free. 
Milo is our Eager Beaver. He's always just so happy and ready for a game that's why he keeps his white socks looking so clean and smart all the time.
Noodle is rapidly becoming a Glamour Girl in her own right. She  thinks that since she's the youngest, she deserves extra cuddles.
Bonny is 10 years old. Her passion in life is and always has been a tennis ball. 
Toby is loved by us all. He is growing into such a handsome young man. He is very obedient and super intelligent. 
There's Miss Glamour Girl again. She's very photogenic.
Milo probably has the sweetest nature of us all and that really is saying something, since each of us is incredibly sweet natured. He's just so gentle!
Noodle still loves to dig and eat all sorts of plant material and bark. She's been at it again (the muck around her mouth gives her away every time!)
And here I am again, leading the pack. Don't be fooled by my height! I am the Alpha Male around here!

Here I am, asking Linda nicely to please throw the ball into the water again. 

Noodle is tempted, but not yet quite sure.

Toby fetches the balls out of the swimming pool and then passes them to Milo who takes them to someone to have them thrown back in again. This game keeps them amused for hours.

See, what did I tell you? There's Noodle getting some extra cuddles again!
OK, Folks! That's it from us for today. I'm off to have another swim. Anyone care to join me?
Desiree said she'll be back with another Garden post as soon as she can find the time to sort through her pictures. I must admit we do keep her pretty busy, but it's just so nice having her around all the time. We never feel lonely!


  1. I just know that Milo and Rory would have a lot in common - always ready for fun!
    I love the shot of everyone gathered at the edge of the pool, looking into the water!

  2. They are all cute but Bonny is my favourite.


  3. Lovely photos of the dogs :)
    Have a lovely evening!

  4. Dogs have a wonderful fun and have a wonderful owners who offer them such fun. Yours

  5. Well little pooch, you did a good post today and I really enjoyed looking at Linda's superb photos of you all having fun by the pool. I think you're all very beautiful and handsome, but my favourite would have to be Noodle. She's so cute! Hugs to you all.

  6. Owwww what a sweet sweet them alll!!!.....♥.. ♥... ♥....

  7. Hello, Heathcliff! I must say that you turned out to be a wonderful guest blogger here on Driftwood Ramblings. (Don't tell that darned Desiree but I enjoy your writing style much more than hers!) As far as I'm concerned you can never go wrong posting photographs of yourself and your dog friends. A picture of a dog always melts my heart and with this menagerie the emotional impact is all the more profound.

    Noodle was brand new in your lives when I first started following this delightful blog. This is the first time I've seen you and all your playmates together. You look like a sweet, well mannered, playful bunch and I wish I could be there to give each one of you individual attention and TLC. As a boy I was not permitted to own a dog because my mother was afraid it would make too much of a mess in the house. I compensated by lavishing my love and affection on other dogs in the neighborhood. To this day I love dogs and they sense it and love me back.

    I have seen many pictures of dogs in humorous poses and wearing goofy costumes with funny captions accompanying them; but frankly, the pictures I like best are ones like these that show the true nature of the animal and reveal its dignity and intelligence. Thank you Heathcliff, thank you Linda and, if you happen to be reading this, thank you dear friend Desiree for sharing with me these marvelous closeups of your canine family members!

  8. I loved this post such a great looking bunch of doggies here and so talented beinging able to write a blog and tell us all about their love of the watter...........

  9. I love it so very much when you spotlight those precious dogs of yours on a post. They are all so amazing and each one is unique. It was especially joyful after a day or so with Rocky & his girl friend Soffie. All is well here and I can tell it is wonderful where you are. Give them lots of love. Hugs from Odie, Linda, Rocky & Soffie.

  10. i love every single one of you and every single one of these photos!!! my kind of family!!! :)

  11. Absolutely the most adorable brood EVER! Tucker is having fits to come over there and play! He said he might even be tempted to go in the pool. But only tempted! LOL

  12. Love the dogs . . we have inherit a little pup and it is hard work to teach him manners. He is little
    Yorky but in his heart he believe he is a Rotweiler.

  13. You are so lucky to have so many friends at your house and lovely humans to look after you. You are mighty clever with your keyboard skills. I recently learnt how to use a switch board. Your friends are all good looking but I'm a bit sweet on Toby but I wouldn't mind giving Noodle a cuddle.

  14. I love your dogs, they make me smile. It's great to see them having so much fun. LOL
    Bye, Bianca xx

  15. I am fairly new to your blog and have heard you mention your five dogs, but this is the first time I have gotten to meet them all! And what a lovely, well-behaved, joyful pack you have. :)

    Funny how it is sometimes the smallest who becomes the alpha. I have seen that happen in a houseful of cats, too--LOL!

    Made me want to do a lot of neck scritching and forehead kissing!! All that love!! :):)

  16. They are all so cute!
    My kids LOVE this post.

    We recently got our first puppy. She's an albino husky and oh-so-loved :0)

    Thanks for sharing these fun pictures.

  17. I LOVE your dogs. They are all so photogenic. And I just love German Shepherds too. Never had one but have always admired them. I had Collies and Shelties. You never stop surprising me with the great pictures you take. Great post.

  18. Awww! Noodle has grown so big! Those pool side pictures are making me long for summer. How sweet that they all love one another and do a great job posing for their photos. Mine needs a lesson in sitting properly for the camera;)

  19. What a great gang of dogs! Coco does look like our newly-adopted Willa -- elegantly beautiful.

  20. What a lovely bunch of pooches. How do you find the time to look after them and go on as many outings as you do?

  21. Oh I love your canine family they are all so adorable. B

  22. Your doggy pool party looks like fun. I'd even be tempted to dive in for that ball!

  23. Dear Heathcliff,
    Thank you for your commentary on these wonderful photographs of you and your companions. All of you seem extremely talented, whether in the water or out.

    Heathcliff, because you are the alpha I'd so like you to meet Maggie. She's a long-haired calico cat with whom I live. Unlike you, she leads by being bossy. (I suspect you lead by example.) I think she could learn a thing or two from you about manners.

    Please do thank Noodle for coming to live there. I first found Desiree's blog when she was posting about Linda and Noodle. So I am especially fond of the youngest among you.

    Enjoy your life with Desiree who's obviously learned from you how to write so engagingly. Here's a meow, mew, and yowl from Maggie, Ellie, and Matthew

  24. What a wonderful menagerie you have! I have just the one Shih Tzu, Buddy. He is so spoiled...almost like a child. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today. Muchly appreciated! Sandra

  25. What a gorgeous post! Your furry friends are delightful...I so enjoyed reading this....
    I have found you through Veronica.
    Your photos on those gardens are magnificent!
    Our son has just moved to Cape Town and I am so looking forward to discovering those places soon.
    PS I'm your brand new follower!
    So nice to "meet" you.

    Shel.....a fellow South African blogger from Port Elizabeth.

  26. You guys are lucky. We haven't really had swimming weather down here in Port Elizabeth yet, but hopefully soon. I love the picture of a wet Toby. But you are all beautiful.

  27. Hello, Dearest Desiree.
    Oh, what LUCKY doggies they are♬♬♬
    I love all of their lively faces and made me wish to have an enjoyable time with you and your splendid guys.
    Look at wet, still brave Toby's face and as Diane said I love Noodle because he looks like my first pet dog "peru" when little♡♡♡
    All of them has their own characteristics, haha naturally!!! I loved to read how you observed them.
    Hugs and Much Love to you, xoxo Miyako*

    PS> I am So Sorry for the belated comment, really busy since last Fri. Visiting relatives and so on. And Students are going to have term-test tis week, whew...
    Well, I bought a new camera NICON COOLPIX 9100. Of course not the SLR.
    I'll post about it later my friend. But I am not sure if I can manage or take advantage of its function p;)

  28. I showed these to my mom the other day. Those pups are adorable!!!!!
    PS - Thank you for the birthday and thanksgiving e-cards!!!!

  29. i was going to say...WHAT?!! no gardens with the most beautiful smelling flowers...and colors all around...and stepping stones...BUT THEN I SAW YOUR FURRY babies!!

    thank you thank you for introducing yourselves to us!! you all look like a fun bunch of furballs!! i'd love to go swimming with you guys...but unfortunately there's a little distance in between!

    my milo wants to send a friendly meow to all of you...and she says SHE'S glad there's miles between us!! ha!!

    what a gorgeous group!! :) just as beautiful as the flowers!

  30. Awww, aren't you cute!!! Here's a ear wagglin' and a chin rubbadub!

  31. Oops... just figured out the "more" clickety thingy. :)

    Goodness - what a collection of beautiful dogs!!!!

    I would be so busy rubbing their bellies and giving them snacks, I'd never get a new blog entry posted!

  32. Dear Desiree, I have been so remiss at commenting on your blog lately. We've had a wedding and I've been sidetracked doing family history, a project I do jointly with my sister long distance!

    I am so admiring as usual as I read your last few posts. Your skill at seeing and photographing is awesome and your love of animals apparent to all, I'm sure.
    Any of your series of photos would make a wonderful garden photo book. Sue

  33. I loved the picture of them all standing around the pool looking at the ball! What a grand day! They are all adorable but I have to admit I'm extra fond of your shepherd.

  34. I'm here! I made it over! I loved seeing your big family of doggies.
    All look so happy and healthy. Now I'm going to ask you the question that was asked of me so many times while raising my family of seven little ones. All just 13 to 15 months apart..except the youngest of course. HOW DO YOU DO IT??
    You knew that was coming didn't you? :)
    Keeping them all fed and clean and picking up all the poopy stuff. :)
    Probably the same way I did it. You do what you have to do!

    Desiree, thank you. Just, thank you!!
    Mona xxoo

  35. They seem to enjoy having their photos taken Desiree. :)

  36. Those are the cutest dogs!! I want a dog now, after seeing yours. So, so cute. I know it makes sense since you live on the other side of the WORLD that your warm weather starts now. It would just be weird to me to call a month December or January and be hot in it.

  37. Loved the photo gallery of those darling dogs! I have a hard time getting my one lonely dog to pose for a decent shot, and you get dozens of great photos!

    They are surely a delight for you and keep you busy and well loved.

    I was a teensy disappointed when I didn't see gardens, but was quickly consoled with this fun and happy post!

  38. Your place here is wonderful. Will be back soon.

  39. What a grand life you have made for your pooches. And they thank you by just being themselves. Doggies are the best!

  40. Beautiful dogs
    but Noodle Glamour Girl
    is my absolute favourite.

    I envy you
    your wonderful weather.

    Loved looking at your dogs today
    - fantastic.


  41. Wow Des...I take a week off for the holidays and birthday celebrations and you've gone and turned it over to the dogs! You can be a proud Mom, Heathcliff did an amazing job. Your photos did help, but his play by play of the activities in the pool was wonderful!
    I'd love to be splashing in the pool with your pack and soaking up sunshine. I'm a warm weather girl for always!


  42. Heathcliff! Oh my goodness, I'm in love and then Noodle steals my heart passing down to Toby and pretty soon I'm drowning in a sea of cuteness! Thanks for your encouraging words Desiree--yes I will finish the manuscript very soon--I promise. Love to all. Eve:)

  43. Hi Desiree
    I have been perusing your blog and loving all that I see. Beautiful gardens, yours included. And what lovely 'doggy people' share your life!
    Thanks for stopping by, so nice to have met you.
    Hugs Alveen

  44. Not that I'd ever choose favorites, but I think that Bonnie would be a definite contender. She looks like a fairy tale dog in the first picture of her.


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