Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elemental Me!

Without further ado, allow me to hand over to my very first Guest Blogger...

Hi!  I'm Heathcliff...

Alpha Male, I am, but definitely not your regular kind of dog - I don't have "papers" but boy, do I make up for the lack in personality and verve!

Not to put too fine a point on it, I tick all the boxes when it comes to intelligence, astuteness, spunkiness, ease of transportation (believe me, this is an important attribute!) and, I hold the Platinum Award for Best Indoor/Outdoor Canine fact, my merits outnumber any demerits 100 to 1.
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The best way for you to get to know me is to read my blog!  Desiree has kindly agreed to let me try out hers, for size.  My goal though is to have a blog of my own.  It's important to always set yourself new goals - it's the mental form of early morning stretching.  And, oh, boy!  Do I enjoy a good...s t r e t c h

Don't forget to keep your back nice and straight.  This is one of my favourite yoga poses.

For now though, all you need to know is...there's very little I can't or won't do...and swimming is definitely not one of them!  It was an absolute scorcher here, today.  Here's my tip for keeping cool...

Don't think about it.  Just dive headlong into the nearest pool of water.  Here I am today, enjoying the pool at home.  I can swim for ages and love playing water polo with a ball.  It helps keep me trim.  Try it - gives you a good workout and, at the end of the day, with your belly full, you can snuggle into your bed and sleep the sleep of the innocent...Boy!  Do I have that one down pat!

Another good tip:  always keep a ball and rope handy in case someone wants a game (a dog can hope, can't he?)

I don't want to give away all my tips on how to have a good day in one go.
Just work with these for now...can't you see I'm snoozing? 


  1. What a cutie. I love how he sleeps with his toys nearby, it's true you never know who might want to play!

  2. What a lovely dog !!! Ria..

  3. Hi, Catherine and Ria!

    So glad you popped by and read my first blog post.

    Yes, I am a cutie, aren't I? I don't believe in false modesty. Enjoy your God-given attributes, I say...and always be ready to play. Humans take life far too seriously!!!

    I'm off to enjoy my breakfast now.


    Heathcliff xxx

  4. Hi Heathcliff,

    I love your outlook on life. (Though I'm not really needing the keeping cool tips right now). Pleased to meet you.

  5. Good to meet you, too, H!
    Yep, I can't do much swimming in winter, either. Our pool gets covered, but if it's a warm day, I enjoy belly flopping in the pools that form on the surface. It usually gets me into trouble though, as there's always a mad dash for towels. I find it very entertaining!

  6. What a good boy you are! And SO cute! Sending you lots of pats and tummy scratches...

  7. Hi Linda,

    You've made my day. I can't get enough of pats and tummy scratches.
    Why do you think I need to turn up the cute factor all the time? It's hard work, but a boy's gotta do it to get what he wants :)


    Heathcliff xoxo

  8. Hi Heathcliff, even though you woof instead of meow, I think you look pretty cool, I sleep on my back to, how comfy?
    Keep cool
    Pru xx (the real power behind Plum Kitchen, meow!)

  9. I like cats. When I was a rescued pup, my bedtime companion was a rescued kitten - we understood each other pretty well.

    Love, Heathcliff xo

  10. :) Heathcliff! I am pleased to meet you. I hope to see a lot of you when I visit. I have a beautiful alpha female...and her name is Mele. Believe me, Heathcliff, you would like her.
    Yeah..she has papers..but I never sent for them because it doesn't matter. She was a gift..and I don't hold her being a purebred doggie against her. You won't either I hope. :)

  11. Hi Mona:

    So glad you popped by to meet me - I've been feeling a little neglected of late in this blog place - but now I think I'll perk up and plan my next post - so keep your eyes pealed, OK?

    I'd love to meet your lady - I live with one of those too, she's also got papers and breeding. My brother is the same as she is - just a great deal younger! I don't allow them to bully me though!!!


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