Sunday, December 19, 2010

Scene in the front garden today.

Summer has definitely arrived to stay and, along with it (besides the wind), we've been having some decidedly hot days.  

It's now that our trees really are appreciated and we tend to gravitate to the front garden quite a bit, either to sit beneath their shade, take a dip in the pool or enjoy a light meal under one of the umbrellas.  Today was such a day!  I had my camera with me and took a couple of pictures to share, especially with those of you who are in the midst of your winter season.  

View from the top terrace area looking down towards the pond at the far end.
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Mid-section of the front garden, overlooking the pool.

Scene from the path looking back towards the top terrace seating area.

Same spot, a few steps further on, looking towards the house.

At this point, we've moved a few steps further along the path and we've now taken a couple of steps into the flowerbed to get a slightly better angled shot.

A grouping of pure white Agapanthus coming into flower in time for Christmas.

Fragrant Lemon verbena in bloom now, too - loved by the bees and butterflies!
My favourite colours for around the pool at this time of the year are shades of white, blue and pink.

This is the time of year when I relish the delicious sense of idleness that creeps up on me.  I'm happy to succumb to it and let the rest of the world chase after Christmas Madness.  I am sublimely content avoiding the crowded shopping malls, flurried, harried crowds, wild spending sprees and traffic jams!  My garden is my special sanctuary, the place where I relax completely and, should I feel guilty, I quickly remind myself of these words by John Lubbock...

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes
on the grass on a summer day
listening to the murmur of water,
or watching the clouds float across the sky,
is hardly a waste of time... I settle myself back in my seat from where I contentedly continue to survey my own little slice of heaven on earth!


  1. Beautiful !! your gsrden pictures!! love in Holland their falling lots and lots of snow.......o my.....what's happening??...happy week

  2. Hi Ria! Glad to know I was able to introduce a little bit of sunshine into your snowclad days :)

  3. Such beautiful, peaceful pictures! Great quote too. Thanks!

  4. Everything is so neat and tidy, very beautiful.

  5. So glad you popped by to visit, Gina & Alison. I know everyone is very busy with Christmas preparations at this time of the year and that time is at a premium for many, so I really do appreciate your comments even more!

    I wish both of you and your respective families a truly Blessed Christmas xoxo

  6. You said 'Summer' and 'Hot' and you've got a pool. When's the next flight out? This morning, I can't get warm! Off to add another layer of clothing I think :)

  7. H:

    Yes, we've been watching, from afar, all the goings on at Heathrow and elsewhere, with flights cancelled and grounded due to the unusually severe weather that both the UK and Europe are experiencing right now!

  8. Your garden looks like the perfect place to sit back, open a bottle of chilled wine and relax. When can I come over!?

    Am also mightly impressed with your previous Christmas post - your photos are simply beautiful.

    Have a merry Christmas! x

  9. Thank you so much, Linda. That's exactly what we are planning to be doing over the Christmas season. Taking things super easy and enjoying time in the garden.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too :)

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful garden. I can rest a while, along with you.

  11. Absolutely, Jenny! That's the wonderful thing about Blog Land - it gives us all a chance to travel and experience different things, all without needing to leave our home comforts behind ;)

  12. As I go deeper into December on your blog...I just get more and more delighted.
    You give photo's that give a clear vision in the distances...I love it! Just love it! What a gorgeous yard!
    Yes, even though we are not getting what the rest of the United States is getting, we have gotten lots of rain and the weather has cooled a lot. It's about 42 degree's outside right now...and dipped to about 34 last night. It's wonderful.
    I can see snow on the mountains behind us...but NOTHING like your view with the clouds covering the top of your mountain.

  13. Oh, I'm SO glad you're enjoying all I have to share with you, Mona!!!


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