Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Garden Route [Part 2 - Herold's Bay]

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder, forever! ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau ~
Today, I'd very much like to introduce you to Herold's Bay. The little village is situated around a picturesque, sheltered rocky cove, a mere 20 minutes  drive from the city of George.  George is the only city within the famed Garden Route. Other popular towns and villages worth visiting along this magnificent stretch of South Africa are Mossel Bay, Glentana, Victoria Bay, Knysna, Sedgefield and Plettenberg Bay.  In addition, there are several little hideaways and seaside resorts dotted along the coastline between these larger centres.  

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There are several Bed 'n Breakfast & Self-catering accommodation options to choose from in addition to the Herold's Bay Hotel.
Herold's Bay is one of these and, as it is situated a mere 5 minutes from the George Airport, it is a popular holiday destination for fly-in weekenders. This small village is far-removed from the bright city lights.  If peace and tranquility are what you're looking for, this is the perfect spot for a rejuvenating getaway!  We spent two memorable days here some years' back, but only had time for a half-day visit last time we stayed along the Garden Route [see my last post].

A few of the original holiday homes literally a stone's throw from the beach - prime property!
We took plenty of pictures and thoroughly enjoyed noticing the many changes since we'd last stopped here. 
There are few undeveloped 'beachfront' properties remaining.  Most were bought and developed many years ago...however, a number have since been upgraded and refurbished.
The esplanade and beachfront drive - one way in, same way out!  This constitutes the main thoroughfare in the village.

Looking back the other way.

Attractive new developments since we'd last visited.

View from the hotel.

Although still very much a 'laidback' village, there has been a lot of restoration and new building.  We stopped for tea at the Herold's Bay Hotel which was very pleasant.     
If you're looking for glitzy malls and designer labels, you'll not find those here...

What you will find is a view to momentarily take your breath away and stop you in your tracks...

The only sounds you will hear are the roar of the ocean and the shrill cry of the fish eagle...
Your senses will not be assailed by petrol fumes and rushing traffic...

But nature will beckon and encourage you to explore...

Asking you to look closely at the beautiful indigenous fynbos with which she has clothed the hillsides!
Nightlife?  You've got to be kidding!  Here you will be lulled into a state of sleepiness, as you watch the last rays of the sun dipping behind the mountain.

And, first thing in the morning, you will want to rush outdoors and take an even closer look at the magnificent flora...

No gardener has planned this spectacle of colour and fragrance...this is, quite simply, Nature at her best!
Such delicate perfection!

And, once again, the sound of the sea will attract your attention...
Mesmerising you with its spell...

Drawing you closer and closer...

Such beauty! 

So many options to explore...

Constantly changing light...

Each day offers something fresh and new...

Good walking shoes are a must (leave the heels behind!)

Breathe in deeply...fill your lungs with this good, fresh air!

One last look before you return to the hustle and bustle of city life! 


  1. I am going to save money...and than... i will come together with my husbunny to Africa......do you have rooms enough ....hahahahahhah!! love love love Ria...xxx...xxx...xxx...

  2. There is such a lot to see and experience in Africa, you would not be disappointed, I'm sure :)

  3. Ah, I'm breathing deeply of that fresh air. The coastline looks gorgeous. And the answer to your question is... possibly.. to differentiate it from Slack Top?

  4. Sounds like the perfect place for a holiday. Beautiful scenery and flowing text.

  5. I didn't manage to get away for a 'holiday' as such last year. This summer, I really want to head for the sea, even if only for a long weekend.

  6. Wow, Desiree,
    You sure live in a beautiful part of the world! Thanks for sharing it with us in your awesome photos!

    I don't remember if I told you I've only seen an ocean once, in June of 2007, but I see it a lot in my dreams. The other night, I was in a place that had both mountains and an ocean. It was a very pleasant dream. You get to live it!

  7. What a beautiful world you live in...I'm so glad to get to see it through you!


  8. Beautiful spot! Sounds like my perfect place to visit!

  9. Oh my word, I thought I lived in a nice spot! That bay looks just where I want to be right now, with a book and a glass of chard....:)
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog with such kind thoughts, just what I needed x

  10. My gosh, such beauty to be had, where you are. It seems you've got it all, the sea, the mountains, the magnificent gardens and exotic animals!

    P>S> I can't take credit for the "animal crackers" poem.. it was a famous song in the 40's sung by the American child actress 'Shirley Temple.

  11. More of that beautiful ocean. It reminds me a little of the coastline in parts of California. I'd rather be somewhere like that any day than a place with malls and nightclubs. It looks like a ladder/bridge between two of the large rocks in one of the pictures. I don't think I'd be brave enough to cross it, were you?

  12. BEE YOU TEE FULL, Desiree. I love this setting.

  13. Beautiful photos and looks so warm compared to here. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Oh I wanna come! It is just so very beautiful and your pictures blow me away!!!

    God bless and have a fantastic weekend my far~away friend!!!

  15. These are sights I would never see if not for you! I am in awe of the beauty. Isn't our earth gorgeous??
    You have wonderful photography skills..just wonderful. An eye for what to photograph...but I imagine there is no way you could turn that would not be beautiful.
    Thank you so much, Desiree!

  16. Desiree, thanks for sharing the beautiful scenes of the water and this area. One day I would like to visit South Africa as i have a penpal of over 30 years living in Manenberg and we have never met!

  17. Your posts never fail to give pleasure. Isn't South Africa a stunning place?
    I chortled at your comments on my post. Karen really is causing gremlins isn't she? :) Thanks for perserving though. I so enjoy hearing from you.
    Ah well, back to the wind and rain and grey :(
    Hope you are having a sunny and very happy weekend.

  18. Your commentary is every bit as enchanting as the places you visit!

  19. it looks so cozy to spend time there!

  20. I dropped by to say thank you so much for your comments and your wonderful cyber hug - it means a lot to me...don't worry I won't post anything else depressing.


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