Sunday, February 27, 2011

Massingir [Part 2]

For the benefit of those of you who have been taking the roadtrip to Massingir Dam with me, I think we deserve a short 'pit stop'.

It looks as though we'll be able to buy a Coke at the little roadside stall just ahead, but I can't guarantee it will be ice cold and, with a journey of this length travelled for the most part on dusty roads, I know your parched tongues will be hanging out by now and eager to wrap themselves around a really COLD drink!  This is Africa, though, and we're really bundu bashing here, so it's best if you don't get your expectations up too high, OK?
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What would you like to drink?  We have Coke or Sprite :)  Sorry, it's not cold.  We've run out of gas for the cooler.  We'll only be getting new supplies in 
next week!

That may not have been the most refreshing drink you've ever had, but I'll bet few of you have stopped at a roadside stall like this, either.  I know you're eager to continue the journey, so hop back on board and we'll see if we can spot any of the Big Five I promised at the start of the trip.  You need to be alert as it's possible to drive right past and miss the wildlife hidden in the bush on either side of the road.

Now there!  What did I tell you?  Wasn't that a treat?  I didn't want to interrupt, as I realised you were quite spell-bound at the  unexpected sight of these magnificent buffalo and so, I've decided that instead of giving you a running commentary, I'll concentrate on driving and you can quietly absorb all the sights along the way.  Don't worry if you don't see everything, as we still have a couple of days ahead of us to explore all there is.

Once we reach the guest huts, which will serve as our base for the next couple of days, I'll quickly help you unpack your bags and then leave you in peace to enjoy your surroundings.  There is a cook on site who will be delivering your evening meal to you, to enjoy in the comfort of your own rondavel.  I trust this will be agreeable to you?  Should you have any comments or queries, please do leave me a message at the end of this post :)


This has been quite a day, so I'll leave you  at your hut to silently digest the sights you've seen.... 

I do hope you'll be comfortable.  It's quite basic, but clean and you'll only have the sounds of the bush to interrupt your dreams.  We will resume our exploration of this magnificent place in the morning, as there is still plenty to see and discover!


  1. Beautiful !! i am so glad i found your blog !! your country is so beautiful...i enjoy every time i read your post and see you beautiful pictures!! lovely day

  2. I agree with Ria. Reading your post I feel as if I have been teleported from Arizona to your beautiful country!

  3. The animals are terrific. The accomodaion is okay and the cost of this trip for me was very cheap. Thanks for the trip.

  4. so beautiful & amazing!!
    LOVE all the exciting to go on this journey!
    the old buildings...the trees...the land...and, again...the ANIMALS! wow!!

  5. Good job you stop and point out the wildlife, I don't think I'd be much good at spotting it. It all looks much greener than I imagined.

  6. Many thanks for the free Safari. We are looking forward to a good night's rest and more exciting visuals tomorrow!

  7. Wow, it's breathtaking! The animals seem to be looking right at you from the photos. I'm compelled to ask "what is that animal with horns and thin white stripes on its back?", but I'll surely sound silly.

    The accommodations are very rustic too. I like the roof and inner walls. They're probably cool compared to the heat outside.

    Also, thank you for your lovely comment! It's nice to know there are people who still enjoy a nice cup of tea :)

  8. What magnificent, awe-inspiring photos! Even the pictures of the the brown road, with the green jungle at the sides, and the bright blue sky above, are so beautiful and well-composed. Your posts always bring such a big smile to my face.

    I can't help wondering how close your husband was to the elephant when he took those pictures? I think I would have been trembling too hard to press the shutter button. I've only ever seen these animals in the zoo or on a documentary on TV. These photos are so much more immediate.

  9. Waas that an eagle perched in that tree? The photos are wonderful. I'm pleased I came along for this journey. The hut looks very clean and comfortable. I will enjoy my night of bush noises.

  10. What a day! All those animals - beautiful.

    I'm loving our journey and the little hut with its thatched roof will do just fine.

    You're brilliant at the art of transporting us from wherever we are Desiree. The love of your country shines through.

    How fortunate are we who have found your blog.

  11. What an amazing drive! It's amazing to think these animal are out in the wild and not in the zoo like we would see them here.
    I forgot to mention how much I loved that airport in the previous post!

  12. Oh, Desiree! I do believe that this is where God creted Eden!


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