Monday, June 20, 2011

How do you amuse yourself on a Sunday afternoon in winter?

Hi everybody! Coco and I thought we'd do a combined post to show you some of the ways you can amuse yourselves on a lazy Sunday afternoon in winter...

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Obviously, you can enjoy a nap in a nice sunny spot...

But if that seems too sedentary, you can always fish for fallen leaves off the top of the pool cover...

Just take a good breath, shut your eyes tightly and then plunge your nose entirely underwater...

However, if you're afraid of getting water in your nostrils, you can just bat the leaves with your paw!

I have a much better suggestion than Milo''s far more mesmerising to watch a lone ant walking, this way and that way, across the can amuse yourself for ages contemplating his probable thoughts...

And, when you've had enough of that, you can practise your best doe-eyed's a good one to keep in hand to use on your humans, when you want them to give you some sympathetic attention...

If you practise turning your head away at just the right moment, you can make even more of an impact, because humans don't like to feel as if they're being snubbed! It works every time...they rush over immediately to see if you're OK!

Another of my all-time favourite past-times is pulling plants out of their pots...this is best achieved by ever so idly tugging on an end, so it will look like an accident! If you have mud on your paws, it's a dead giveaway that you've been digging and humans don't like that at all!

Oh, Coco, those all sound so boring! It would be far more fun to show them how to play a game of tug with that sprinkler you've just bitten to pieces!

Do you really want to do that, Milo? I'm feeling sooooooooo sleepy, now!

Oh, come on, Coco...let's show everybody how it's done...

You hold one end and I'll get the other...

See, everybody...this is what you do...don't tug too hard!

We like to growl gently while we're holding on. If you do this correctly, you can amuse yourselves for quite a long time!

Now...who of you can top our suggestions?


  1. Hi Desiree. Milo and Coco are just so beautiful. I can imagine that they must bring you hours of pleasure! What delightful photos of them both you have shown us today. I wish we had some sunshine here that I could just have a little nap in!

  2. Hi Desiree.....what fun dogs they are.....i can see they bring you lots of joy.....they make me this winter ???? I only see the sun....Looks like a great winter to me....
    Greeting from Holland.
    Bianca xx

  3. Goodness, the pups are getting so big! I bet they are a lot of fun to watch.

  4. Hi darling...ohhh what a sweet dogs !!!....beautiful sweet....give them both a hug from love

  5. Desiree, how do you keep your photos focused so well, while laughing at the dogs antics? hahaha

  6. Great suggestions! Please stop by for your award!

  7. Wow I can't top this. What a life. B

  8. I love both full faced pictures where the dogs look like they are smiling at you. These are darling. Your way of spending a lazy winters afternoon seems even more fun than the dogs. I love that you caught the plant eater in the act. haha

  9. I imagine that just after taking these photos you took them all for a walk to get rid of some of that pent up energy. You have lovely dogs, and they look as though they are much loved and very spoiled.....

  10. They are awesome and I love it when you let them star in a blog. They keep my attention until the end.

  11. They are very good at entertaining themselves!

  12. They have the most soulful eyes! I just love how you tell their thoughts. They are such happy, lucky beasts to be in your care.

    made me smile ;-)

  13. Milo and Coco are such beautiful dogs I love the photos of them thank you for sharing them with us.........

  14. They really are a beautiful pair of dogs :)

  15. I love the pictures and your commentary. I think the one with Milo snout deep in the water on the pool cover is my favorite- it made me laugh out loud!

  16. Ha ha, oh, this was so delightful - Coco and Milo you have such great humour between you both! So perceptive of your humans - no wonder you have them so well trained ;-)

  17. Oh I just loved this post, Desiree. I can imagine how entertain these two darlings are. I have a lab, Jack Russell and Maltesex Skottish terrier back home. The lab and JR are great buddies. I've posted the links of all the wonderful times I spent with these dogs back home. Hope you enjoy reading about them. THanks for your comments on my blog. I love having you over and to visit you as well. (((hugs))) Jo

  18. Hi again, Desiree. I've taken the liberty of pasting a few more links here of our pets back home in SA. Hope you don't mind. I know you're a dog lover and will enjoy getting to know my pets as I'm enjoying yours via our blogs! Hugs Jo

    and even a link to a sad post about a very difficult decision I had to make regarding a pet.

  19. gorgeous doggies! they look like they're having matter what they're up to!
    was that sprinkler head given to them as a toy...or did they just decide on their own that it was a toy! ha!
    looks like a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

    (i have a cat named milo!)

  20. Laura:

    No, they pinched the sprinkler and had a merry time destroying it before we spotted them. It's uncanny how they can turn a perfectly good implement into something completely unusable in double-quick time. We have had to develop eyes in the back of our heads and if they've been too quiet for more than 15 minutes, chances are they're up to something :)

  21. They are most playful, definitely! I hope everything is back in working order. ;-)

    Your dogs exude an air of love, no doubt they are treated well and beloved.


  22. Hi Desiree, We all looked at this post. They are such an adorable pair. The shot of Coco blowing bubbles was my family's favourite.

  23. Can I say they've grown a bit since the first day you got them home? They look like brother and sister playing in the garden.

    I don't know about winter, but here Aschiuta loves to hunt for flies or moths when they get in the room. It's good for attention training... and a snack


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