Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We Have Arrived At Bushmans Kloof!

First impressions of Bushmans Kloof are considerably enhanced by the wonderful greeting accorded to all guests upon arrival. The car is quickly whisked away and parked under cover out of sight and luggage is promptly delivered to ones suite while the requisite paperwork is being completed. Thereafter, refreshments are offered, either a glass of sherry or iced Rooibos tea, followed by a gentle, guided stroll around the Lodge in order to become acquainted with the various mealtime venues. Breakfast is usually served in the thatched boma (unless it's very cold and raining) and dinner is served in the formal diningroom of the Manor House. Light luncheons can be taken on the terrace overlooking the heated pool of the Manor House and, in inclement weather, breakfasts will also be served inside the Manor House. High Tea is served daily in the boma. Our arrival coincides perfectly with this occasion and after our trip, is precisely what we're looking forward to.

We agree to meet up after we've checked out our rooms and had a quick "freshen up".

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My room is Rock Pools 2. I am delighted with the setting!

I stop briefly to take in the vistas from my veranda...looking to the right, pretty landscaped gardens off-set perfectly against the imposing rocky backdrop. The urge to explore is overwhelming, but first things first!

And looking off to the left...

Looking straight ahead...what a beautiful, umbrella-shaped acacia tree (thorn tree)...I can make out several weavers' nests and judging from all the bird calls I'm hearing already, I know we're in for a treat!

A crystal clear, springwater pool...pity it's winter, otherwise it would be a tempting distraction! There are at least four of these lovely cascading rimflow pools situated throughout the gardens, each with inviting recliners to tempt passing guests into sitting, a while, in restful contemplation of the tranquil surroundings and superbly manicured gardens.

I want to be able to drink in this view for as long as possible...

Already, I'm mesmerised by the rock features...but, High Tea awaits, so I need to go indoors and freshen up!
Stepping inside momentarily takes my breath away! Such comfortable and luxurious furnishings, part African, part Old Colonial. Very tasteful!  I'm delighted to spot a fireplace! I will definitely ask to have that lit for me while I'm at dinner tonight! I won't be at all tempted to watch TV, of that I'm certain!

There are a few select books strategically placed throughout the room and on this table, I'm excited to see waterpaints, brushes and a block of parchment. I'm hoping there will be time to attempt a painting, but realise this is probably not going to be possible, as there is so much else planned for our two day stay.

Plenty of firewood and candles everywhere! There is underfloor heating throughout and an electric underblanket on the kingsized bed. I momentarily anticipate the deep slumber to which I'll be succumbing come bedtime!

The view from the bedroom end of my room, looking back towards the lounge area...

I'm determined to write up some notes at that gorgeous old desk...

I spot a letter lying on the desk, bearing my name and open it...a lovely welcoming notecard wishing me a pleasant stay! I know it's going to be more than that already!
I do so love high thatched roofs...I'm relishing the smell of both the thatch, the grass, floor mats and all the oiled wood, blended subtly together with the hint of previous fires and a delicate aromatic herbal fragrance that seems to be a combination of citrus and lavender. I think I am even able to detect the smell emanating from the bowl of fresh green apples adorning the coffee table, but perhaps that's just my imagination working overtime! I am aware of the most wonderful silence. No traffic sounds, just water casacading gently in the distance and the perky calls of various species of bird. I think I hear frogs clicking, too. 

I notice the lovely African carvings...this low chair, one of a pair, particularly catches my eye!

There is a lot to take in, but I need to hurry up now, as time is ticking by very fast (it always does when I'm having fun!)

A lovely silk throw covers my feather-filled duvet. The mattress is deep and plush and the pillows are also feather-filled! A treat for me. At home, we do not have feathers as my husband has allergies, but I grew up sleeping on feather pillows as a child. I know I will have extra-sweet dreams tonight!

An attractive grouping of oiled kists, off-set perfectly by the large gilt-framed mirror...yes, yes, I know...I need to pop into the bathroom before Carol and Debbie get here in just a few moments!
The shower is nice and big, but I do so enjoy soaking in a deep, hot bath on a cold wintery night! I decide instantly that that's exactly what I'll be doing before bed tonight! I notice there are some nice herbal salts to add to the water and scented candles which I'll be able to light.

The selection of bathtime 'goodies' for my personal use!

Stepping across to the twin vanities, I cannot help noticing the attractively presented facial towels. Fresh daisies are strategically placed everywhere as adornment and I'm amused and surprised to even see one floating perfectly (rightside up!) inside the toilet bowl when I lift the lid. That's not something I've personally seen before!

The hand soaps are made from Rooibos tea and smell fresh and lovely! The bathroom walls are covered in a textured fabric. The towels are thick and plush. I am well-pleased!
This next picture should come later, but as we're 'viewing' the bedroom now, I thought I'd include it here anyway...
The 'turndown' service at bedtime is a treat! Apart from homemade fudge and meringues to tempt one to nibble, a scented candle is already lit and bedtime reading is provided in the form of a rolled up African Tale, tied with twine. The bed's heating is switched on and gown and slippers are set out in readiness. And, yes, my fire was lit and my candles were casting a wonderful glow over the whole scene! I felt thoroughly pampered and deliciously and delightfully contented! THANK YOU, CAROL!!!



  1. Bushmans Kloof looks absolutely amazing, which is putting it mildly! What a stunning place and the views are fantastic. Is this trip in aid of something special, or do you always take off and stay in such luxurious surroundings?! The bathroom and bedroom are (I'm running out of superlatives here!!) wonderful. They really do think of everything, don't they? I love that 'turn-down' service! What an absolute treat. I would never want to leave, that's for sure!

  2. That looks like you are the Queen !! hahahah!! wowwwwww......lovely day love Ria....xxx...

  3. It all looks so relaxing and pampering, the bedroom is perfect. Have a wonderful time! x

  4. Good Lord! If I ever had the pleasure of visiting this place I would NEVER leave. NEVER! I have all kinds of wonderful visions running full steam through my mind of the things I would love about being there!

    Desiree- you have GOT to write a book. Your photos are wonderful and your words are perfect! You've got so much to share and I love every minute of it!

  5. I'm aching with envy, and so happy you're getting this royal treatment. I don't think I've ever seen a place quite so incredible. I can hardly wait to hear how you actually spend your time here.

  6. This is just plain, hedonistic, self-pampering, disgusting LUXURY! Can't you tell we are jealous?

  7. Wow! I can hardly think of enough words to adequately describe it. It's beautiful, that's for sure! Heavenly!

  8. Your photos and words are so descriptive that I had to actually pull myself away and realize I was not physically there in that lovely place. I love the way they have the hand towels tied with twine, and of course all the African furnishings - I see the series of photos on some sort of parchment in a group which also looks interesting.... OK I'm hungry now - I want to see what you have served up for us for high tea :)

  9. You do know how to make us drool! What gorgeous pictures. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  10. Bushmans Kloof looks like such wonderful place and I think you would have such a peaceful time there lucky you...........

  11. I'm just overwhelmed. You could not wish for another thing. It's all so perfect - they have anticipated your every need... as you have ours with the fabulous photos.
    Such a delightful treat for you three.
    Am so enjoying this along with you. D)

  12. You really are taking us with you! I so enjoyed this and the previous post -- what a gorgeous place this is! Thank you for taking the time and pictures to describe it all so well.

  13. Oh my gosh Desiree, this place is what dreams are made of. I hope you took pictures during high tea. Being a Yankee I am very curious and would love to be able to see pictures, descriptions, and the history of "high tea". I don't think I am asking for too much, do you?? :0)
    Great post and I am looking forward to the next.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  14. I feel relaxed after this last portion of the trip. Can't wait to see what we do next. That bathtub looks very inviting.

  15. Desiree...what a beautiful place to be! the view from your Rock Pools room is amazing! the gardens and the rocky backdrop in the distance...would keep me entranced...i don't know if i'd be able to make it to TEA or dinner on time!
    citrus & lavender...so relaxing...
    i LOVE the high thatched ceilings!
    only 2 days here? i hope time slows down for you...
    enjoy! ...and thanks for all the terrific pictures...and making room for all of us to wander along. looking forward to more... :]

  16. Simply gorgeous! I am soooo jealous! No, really, I am actually very happy that you have gotten to enjoy such a wonderful little vacation. I have always wanted to travel more and since reading your blog, I have added your neck of the world to my list of places to visit.

  17. Wow, there sure is a lot to take in there, from the beauty of nature, to the wonderful decor and amenities! Have fun soaking it all in!

  18. This virtual tour of such a wonderful place is just what I need at the moment, enjoying this series of posts so much. Thankyou for your kind words on News From Italy today, they do help and mean so much to me.

  19. Looks gorgeous! Too bad it's winter-I think it would be fun in the summer!

  20. I'm ready to go there right now! :) Today was very wet and cool and that looks like such a cozy place to stay. I don't think I've ever stayed anywhere that had that nice of a room, they are always on the small plain side, even in nice hotels. I love the decor.

  21. Oh my, but this is fabulous. Your description of the smell of the thatch and other elements in the room made it all come alive.

  22. Pampered indeed! You had a room and view fit for royalty. I'm available to be Carol's sister if she wants another.

  23. WOW, I feel spoiled and pampered just looking at the pictures! What an amazing view! I hope you have a wonderful time while you are there!

  24. Desiree, What a great place to stay. I love the contrast of the dark furniture and the white walls. The thatched roof is beautiful.


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