Thursday, August 18, 2011


Ah, I've always wanted a chance to say those words...BREAKING NEWS! 

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As Carol Wyer's self-appointed Mother Grundy, I have now been officially sanctioned VIP and have my very own reserved seat, front and centre on the big day. I am greatly honoured to have been given my very first task, which is to get the word out about all the exciting events that will be taking place in less than a month's time! 

Many of you already know exactly who Carol is. Her fame grows by the hour, so, for the rest of you who have yet to become aquainted with this incredibly talented author, please do head right over to 

and sign up for her on-line launch party to be held on the 16th September. Do so straight away, as tickets are FREE and disappearing as fast as she e-prints them.

"WHY?" you ask! The answer to that is simple...

She’ll be hosting giveaways and prizes all day!!!

There will even be the chance to win a Kindle!!! YES, you read that correctly!

The WHOLE DAY should be a lot of fun with competitions, laughs, extracts from her hilarious debut novel, Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, guests to check out, new people to meet and...

I have it on the best authority that CAROL WYER herself, will actually be appearing on a video link!


  1. Ok you win. i can't beat this.
    You are a guru

  2. Always love humor and I will try to check it out. Thanks for the information!

  3. I've never heard of Carol Wyer or visited her blog, which I did today because of your posting, Desiree. Thank you. She truly is witty and a delight to read. I'm going back to her blog again and again.

    And I'll order her paperback so as to have hours more of entertainment.

    You're a good VIP!

    Also--I greatly appreciate your comment today on my blog posting. Thank you.

  4. Great job in promoting Carol's new book. I should get on the ball and do some promoting as well!

    (Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog. It made me smile, a lot!)

  5. Isn't this just too exciting?! I am looking forward to the party!

  6. She's a funny lady and I'd like to read that book.

  7. Hi Desiree! I'm amazed if there is anyone on the planet, nay the universe, nay the moon, who hasn't heard of this Carol Wyer person by now!! She's obviously going all out for total world domination. Carol for Prime Minister & President I say! Great post and I see that you have ze front row seat - you lucky and very honoured person you! I guess it's because you have integrity, which is sadly lacking, I'm afraid, in the rest of us!!

  8. I'm delighted to meet her and will have to go over and take a peek! Thanks for sharing her with us Des!

  9. So exciting. I just ordered her book :0)

    P. S. I posted a vlog with Melynda in it. I thought you might get a kick out of it.

  10. I was just having a look at your older posts in case I'd missed something... I HAD! Carol is such a fun person and I love her blog... thank you for your recommendation Desiree. It's wonderful to find another happy soul (with heaps of talent) in this world [[big grin]] :D)


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