Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank you!

Fragrant roses I bought for Linda

Thank you to everyone who faithfully visited Driftwood Ramblings and left such endearing comments, even though the official Rambler has been absent from her post for quite some time. Thank you for stopping by, even though this piece of Driftwood had apparently deserted your shoreline and left your message bottle empty! Thank you for warmly welcoming Linda in my absence and for all your kind and encouraging words. We both sincerely appreciate your loving messages and loyal support.

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Noodle moved in with Linda a week ago, tomorrow (Saturday). She was not a well little pup. The veterinary specialist Linda consulted confirmed a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract and promptly prescribed a course of antibiotics. Her glands were enlarged, her tummy was distended, she was underweight and suffering from an itchy skin.

I offered to "move in" so that I could help with the preliminary training and settling in phase, but as Linda kindly filled you in on all of this, on my behalf, I shall not repeat any of that. Here, I am "training" her to be patient and accept "gently". She is so bright and has learnt a lot in the few short days I've worked with her!

I returned home yesterday well pleased with the progress we had made. Noodle has gained weight and her coat is so much softer and shinier than it was. Her beautiful eyes are bright and alert and she has plenty of energy. She is easy to train, seems to be well-adjusted to her new surroundings and it is already patently clear that she and Linda have bonded "for life!"

Noodle at her new home after only 4 days of hands-on love, attention and high quality feeding...the difference in her appearance and demeanour is amazing!

So eager to learn and please...for a biscuit!

Look at that focussed attention...waiting until she's allowed to take it "gently!"

May I please have another?

At nap-time, a heated comforter is much appreciated!

It's been snowing on the mountains...a girl needs to keep her paws toasty!

Today, Linda had to meet with a potentially new client in Hermanus, a seaside resort town about an hour's drive from where we live. She and Noodle arrived here, bright and early this morning and, after breakfast, Linda and her Dad left for Hermanus. It was raining heavily and my husband did not want her to drive alone, so he loaded our two German Shepherds (Bonny and Toby) in our bakkie and the four of them travelled to Hermanus, while our two pups, Coco and Milo, and our 6 year old, alpha-male, Heathcliff and I spent the morning together, "getting to know each other". I am delighted to report that it all went very smoothly!
As soon as the rain abated, we all bounded outdoors and, while I "gardened", the dogs had a great time playing tug, rough-and-tumble, chase the ball, sniffing out new scents, sniffing each other many, many times and being offered treats, side by side, in turn and by name, so that they could demonstrate their great listening skills and show each other that they were no threat to the others whilst treats were being handed out, literally nose to nose. They were all trying to outdo each other in demonstrating how gently they took whatever tidbit was on offer at the time.
 They all had fun selecting the perfect spot to ablute and then thoroughly inspected each other's spot to ensure evacuation had in fact occurred. They tried out the different water-drinking spots in the garden to see which one tasted the best and, when their paws were really muddy, they all bounded on to the freshly made-up bed in the garage and had a wonderful time unmaking it.

We had only just returned indoors after a thorough towelling down when the travellers returned and then, it was lunchtime for everyone and lots more sniffing and investigating occurred until, eventually, a large pile of puppies collapsed on their beds in the kitchen to enjoy a well-earned afternoon snooze.

My husband could not resist the opportunity to capture a few close-ups of this little pup in quiet repose...
She has incredibly beautiful eyes!

Perfectly lined and with jet-black mascara!

It's so hard keeping awake when all I want to do is suck my teddy and sleep after my very busy morning!

Since things went so well today, Linda and Noodle will be coming to spend a few days with us early next week, ostensibly to celebrate Dad's birthday on Monday, but also to give the dogs more time to bond with each other, so that future visits will continue to be happy, incident-free occasions.  

Just in case you don't believe me about the snow on our surrounding mountains, here's proof...

Taken (by my hubby) this afternoon, using a zoom lens, from over our gardenwall...

The Hottentots Holland Mountain range, dusted with snow!

I will hopefully be able to visit each of you within the next few days...I shall endeavour to view all posts I missed, but I cannot promise that I will be able to leave a comment on each and every one. I will leave my calling card on your most recent post and, if I don't, you have my permission to come round here and throw a hissy-fit if you want to do that!

Thank you, again, for being such great blogging friends! I appreciate every single one of you and carry you all in my heart. I think the following quotation applies perfectly to the friends we are so lucky to meet in Blogland!

"Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand."

~ Karl Menninger ~


  1. Noo's eyes truly reveal the depth of personality within. One of the cats with whom I've lived--Laz--had such eyes. They revealed so much to me until finally they revealed just how sick he was. We are so blessed by our animal companions. It's wonderful that Noo and your daughter, Linda, have one another.

  2. What a precious little dog :) Oh and that first picture is phenomenal. That reminds me of the flowers I had at my wedding.

  3. What a sweet puppy !!..enjoy from

  4. You're Back! Yea! Haha. I missed your lovely posts, but I understand. I am so impressed with all the training you do with the furry babies in your family. I always pretty much stuck with sit, stay and come. Haha. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I feel honored. I admit that I read so many blogs that I mostly 'lurk' and rarely comment on them. I am a bad, bad girl. Love the photos and Hottentot...that is a fun word.

  5. Desiree, thanks so much for catching up on my blog! I love all the new photos of Noodle, she looks like such a character. You're so patient to train your dogs so well. Your mountain pictures are beautiful! Your husband is so much better than I am at taking pictures.

  6. Noodle is very photogenic and your gift of roses for your daughter is beautiful.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful mountain photos with lime or calcium on their tops!

  8. Ah sweet friend you were MISSED! But it was fun reading Linda's blog and getting to know Noodle! Enjoy your time back and memories of your gal pal time with your is so special!


  9. Desiree,
    What a busy time you have had! So wonderful that all the dogs did so well with Noodle, and she with them. She is such a darling, and so blessed to be welcomed into such a loving home.

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog via my friend Thisisme. She is an absolute gem of a friend so you must be good people! I look forward to getting to know you better via your blog. Just need to get over the party. I worked on that blog for 2 solid days. I'm still feeling it.

  11. What a great post! I love the new can feel the love and sweet personality Noodle has! That's one lucky puppy to have found such wonderful owners. I love the pics of the mountains. It's so hot here that the thought of snow sounds wonderful!

  12. She is just so cute! I'm glad she's doing better.
    I don't think I knew it snowed where you live, what a beautiful view you have!

  13. Noodle is very cute and the snow is magnificent. We get snowy mountain tops here where I live in the winter too--but it is rare and most people don't hardly believe it until they see the gorgeous photos.
    Wonderful like always!

  14. Wow, I was in awe of the dog's progress and then saw your mountain view. How beautiful is that.

    Would write more, but I have to Google the Hottentotts. I remember them from World History, believe it or not. (Will remember better after I look it up.)

  15. What a little sweetie your daughter has! I can see that she has won all the hearts in your family.
    Gorgeous mountains! We can still see the snow on the Olympic Mountains, even this late in the summer.

  16. Noodle acts like a true model, such pretty shots. And yes, I do belive you when you say you have snow, fall is approaching Germany as well. I've been missing you, but happy you are OK!

  17. What a loveable, scruffy pet Noodle is with her big doleful eyes. You sound like you are running a boarding kennel there. The snow on the mountains looks pretty and cold. No snowy mountains around here, just sunny beaches.

  18. desiree...i guess i've been busy...and off in my own little world...because i'm not sure what you were talking about...having linda filling in for you??!! i'm trying to catch up myself, with all the blog's easy to fall behind.
    anyway, i'm back tracking i guess i'll have it all figured out soon enough!!
    Noodle is so CUTE!! and so photogenic!! what a sweetie. i love those close-up shots!!

    the mountain shots are so cool too!! when i used to live in los could be the middle of could be stretched out by the pool...and then off in the distance...were the snow covered mountains! (NOT as BIG as your mountains though!!) gorgeous pictures!!

  19. You are indeed the dog whisperer of your family.
    It's lovely to know how Noodle has been trained.
    I think everyone is in the same boat as regards visits to each others' blogs... we do it when we can - it's impossible to get out to everyone all of the time. Family-time and activities naturally take priority. It's, of course, great when you visit Desiree, but in your own time.
    I was amazed at the snow on your mountains. We hold different perceptions of countries - I think that's why it's so wonderful to view each others' photos!
    Cheerio for now :D)

  20. your little granddog is just precious. that spray of fur in front of her eyes is just endearing. SO glad she's doing so well and getting along with everyone else too!

  21. what a beautiful glad little noodle is feeling better! The mountains are glorious! Thank you so much for your beautiful message on my blog Desiree.

  22. What a sweet puppy. I want to hug her. I would have adopted her too. What I have learned about pound puppies is that they are usually more eager to please and learn. One of my best pups was a Sheppard/Collie mix. She had parvo when i got her and I really had to fight to save her. She lived and in turn saved my little girls life. I had that dog for 10 years before she died of brain cancer. It broke my heart.

  23. Desiree, I suddenly understand what some of my other blogging friends mean when they share that they have a longing to visit one another in person. Since reading your post today and the shower of beautiful comments you left for me, I'm feeling that longing very much. How else will I be able to show you the gratitude I feel in my heart? Thank you for being so loving, supportive, full of helpful, positive energy and kindness. I truly enjoyed today's post about the darling Noodle. What a sweet baby! Did you make the little toy that warms his feet? I bet our Ozzie would love one.

  24. Glad you are back. I was having desiree withdrawal symptoms.....

    Noodle is a doll. I love that tuft of hair that pops up in front of her eyes on her nose.

    By the way....let me bragg....Toby can not shut doors for me. He is a real hoot!


  25. Absolutely stunning Linda. The pictures of Noodle and the mountains. It was just like I said on the blog about how awesome your blog is my friend. You and your mom have caused me to fall in love with South Africa and it's wonderful beauty. Have fun with your pups.

  26. Awesome photos of the snow capped mountains, Desiree. They are so majestic! Beautiful photos of little Noodles - such a cutie, and you seem to have done SO well with the training! Happy birthday to dad for tomorrow (Monday) and I hope that all the little pooches get on well together when the next meet up.

  27. I love the fan of hair on Noodle's nose that highlights her beautiful eyes. You and your daughter have done such a wonderful job with her. She'll reward you with years of love and faithfulness. Beautiful pictures.

  28. Welcome back! Those flowers are stunning-vibrant and intense.
    Noodle is adorable. Linda is wonderful and I am so happy you are back. Many happy returns to 'Dad' too

  29. Noodle is a darling and I'm so glad you were there to help get her settled in.

    The mountain shots are magnificent!

  30. what a lovely little dog ad you look as though you are a great trainer. I adore that quote on listening. Thanks for sharing that. brrr it looks cold there - I love the fact that you give them heated toys....

  31. My mom loved your comment. She says it's about time she got some credit. I said I thought you didn't want credit for the way I turned out.. Her response... Only on the good stuff. haha That woman cracks me up. Thanks for always being my cheer leader!

  32. Truly one of the sweetest dogs I've ever seen.Those eyes! It's so nice to have you back here. I can't believe you're talking about snow. Yikes!

  33. What a beautiful place to live and what a beautiful dog! I agree with you about the beauty of that mascara, too. Where did you buy that? Walgreens? Macy's?

  34. Welcome back, although I have been absent myself so truthfully I have only just read your daughter's lovely post in your absence. I hope Noodle is doing well, gorgeous photos.

  35. Hello hello! I just awarded you my Versatile Blogger award on my blog! Check it out to accept the award!

  36. I love dogs. We have 5 dogs and all but one are throw-away dogs (dogs that were dumped and left to fend for themselves).
    Every one of them has a unique personality. We consider them all a gift.


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