Friday, September 30, 2011

Historical Tulbagh

 Cape Dutch style buildings are unique to South Africa.
This is the promised continuation from where I'd left off in my second last post.

Church Street inTulbagh, contains 32 historical buildings, most of which had to be rebuilt after a devastating earthquake wracked the town in 1969.
As mentioned in my earlier post, we'd ambled down Church Street after having enjoyed our hearty lunchtime meal at Paddagang Restaurant, to view (and, naturally, photograph!) some of the 32 historic buildings that had to be restored after a devastating earthquake in 1969 had damaged most of them. Without further ado, allow me to present the following selection from our thoroughly enjoyable sighting...


The houses were all built facing on to the street, but had generously proportioned gardens at the back.

I cannot resist mossy cobbled pathways!

White-washed walls, ornate gables and thatched roofs are distinctive features of the Cape Dutch style of architecture that originated in South Africa from the early 1700's onwards with the arrival of Dutch settlers to the colony.

This is a modern construction built to partly replicate the architectural style of the 1800's.

This pretty Church, situated on a private wine estate, is used for weddings.

A house situated at the pinnacle of Bainskloof (Mountain) Pass. We stopped to take a photograph of the quirky fence constructed out of rusty old spadeheads!

Bainskloof Pass is one of several beautiful passes in the Western Cape of South Africa. I am always rivetted by the scale of the magnificent rock formations towering above. We used a zoom lens to capture these scenes.
 On the day we crossed Bainskloof Pass, countless streams flowed strongly and waterfalls cascaded in gay abandon...

To one who has been long in city pent,
'Tis very sweet to look into the fair
And open face of heaven, - to breathe a prayer
Full in the smile of the blue firmament.
~John Keats, Sonnet XIV


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous what a nice lady to take me on this trip with you. I love the old church with the grapevines. I love the look of the mansion its whiteness is overpowering and beautiful.
    I think my favourite is the mossy path and the rock pass it is incredible. Thanks for sharing. B

  2. I love the buildings, the decorations, and the lovely gardens. The rock formations are haunting! Love visiting with you. :)

  3. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely blue skyscapes in the backgrounds!

  4. It is so hard to pick a favorite... they are all so gorgeous! I do love how you described the waterfalls "cascading with gay abandon". Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of South Africa with us!!

  5. How pretty! I love how the details are subtle and blend in with the structures as they are all white. My favorite picture is the little church on the wine estate. Who wouldn't want to get married in such a place?!

  6. The houses have something delicate about them. Perhaps your photographs accentuate the light as air nature of both houses and plants.

    The blue sky above helps too. How beautiful SA is.

  7. Hi Desiree. What another treat you have given us again today, with stunning photos, amazing buildings, awesome views and wonderful waterfalls. I love all the different rock formations, and that little church on the wine estate is just so sweet! Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend . I'm pleased to say that, today, I've actually had some energy, so hopefully, it's onwards and upwards from now on! Hugs.

  8. It's just as I imagine the colonial history of South Africa. What a beautiful place! Who wouldn't wish to be married in that lovely chapel? Were most of these settlements fortified in the early days? I saw canon in front of one building. Over here, anything from the 1700's would have been fortified in one way or another.

  9. I love the bright whites and clean lines of those Dutch Cape houses! They are wonderful.

    My eldest would be in heaven in that pass! Just look at all of those crags to be climbed!!

  10. Desiree, you provided me the best relaxation moments! So hectic at the moment, bags packed, we are off tomorrow morning. Will miss your pictures for a week!

  11. You did it again, dear Desiree! You have such a good eye for composition and these are delightful photos. I admire how the earthquake damaged buildings were restored rather than razed. It reminds me of what is currently taking place at the 100 year old Shady Dell. I also like the fact that some modern buildings are being crafted to fit the style of the old ones. The architecture is very pleasing to the eye. Around every corner there are surprises: private, shady spots and lush gardens that invite you to rest for a while and experience sheer serenity. Those rock formations and falls are stunning. It's as if you are surrounded by the Seven Wonders of the World! I deeply appreciated your comments on my blog today. It makes me very happy to know that you understand what's in my heart. Good night and happy weekend to you, dear friend!

  12. This makes me want to travel! I loved the photo of the church used for weddings as well.
    So, where are you off to next?

  13. I love the photo of the church with the blue mountains behind! I don't think there is an architectural style I rate more than Dutch gabling, it is always so graceful. xx

  14. Dear Desiree, sorry I've been off commenting for so long. I've been ill since returning to Kenya but back on track now again. Thanks for this lovely tour of Tulbagh. I remember stopping at Paddagang Restaurant many years ago on a snowy, sleety morning. We walked into the restaurant in our biking leathers and got a frostier reception than the weather outside! I wanted to break a slip off the Tecomaria - would love to have one in my garden here in the valley. I trust you and your family and the lovely dogs are all well. Blessings and (((hugs))) Jo

  15. My goodness Desiree - I feel completely ignorant about South Africa - for some reason - and I have no idea why - I had never visioned it being as beautiful as all this. Thanks for showing the beauty around the area. sandie

  16. i love the gables and the gardens, but those painted tiles/bricks on that building are the neatest!!! :)

  17. What a beautiful live in a great country !!! happy

  18. Such charming architecture! And the setting of the church is perfect. Thanks so much for another walk through your world.

  19. I agree with did I not know anything about South Africa until this year? My eyes keep being opened to this beautiful place. My husband just walked by and said "wow! where are you today? It's gorgeous! So now, when I visit you here I usually have Elliot looking over my shoulder and Richard too...Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. And your friendship. It means so much, more than words can say.

  20. Dear my friend Desiree,
    How MARVELOUS your pictures are again♡♡♡
    I checked about the Cape Dutch architecture with pc. Really unique, isn't it♬ And I learned they were the initial settlers of the Cape. I thank you very much for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your gorgeous landscape! Wow the spectacular places. Yes, thank God for your zoom lens to catch the magnificent rock formations☆☆☆
    Really appreciated with the morning relaxing time and LOVED reading the sonnet as well.
    Blessing to you from east, Orchid*

  21. What beautiful fantastic photos the one of Bainskloof Pass is awsome and the buildings are wonderful, I am one of those who never realised how beautiful the place was, thank you so much for showing us.

  22. Oh my, these take my breath away! I loved them all, but especially Bainskloof (I hope I spelled that right!) Those rock formations are incredible, and so were the waterfalls.

    Every time I visit your blog I am swept into the landscape and yearning to visit your beautiful section of the world.

  23. LOvely photos, especially the vineyard, and the architecture is very nice. I didn't know South Africa could be so beautiful.

  24. Hi Desiree, Thank you for the lovely guided tour, such great photographs. I love the waterfall picture.
    Beautiful landscape there!
    Enjoy your Saturday

  25. This post is stunning. I noticed what looks like honeysuckle growing in one of the photos. We recently planted a vine/bush on our arbor. It started blooming last week.

  26. Des, you have certainly made my saturday morning with these gorgeous shots of that beautiful area. With every new post I envy you and Linda more being around such beauty. we are supposed to have our first cool tomorrow morning with temps here in the 40's (f). Some folks will seem like they are freezing but I will be loving it. There is so much sickness going around all over the world. Hope you and your family are well and happy. Enjoy your weekend.

  27. Thank you, Desiree, for returning in your blog to Tulbagh. Its architecture has both an airy and a solid feel to it. The delicate lacy decorations on the front walls and the towering gables seem almost fairy-tale-like.

    I'm always astounded by the gardens you share with us. And I'm wondering if throughout all of South Africa there is a devotion to the creation of lovely gardens.

    The Department of Natural Resources for South Africa should hire you and your husband as writers and photographs to provide copy for their travel brochures!!!! You'll have all your readers traveling there soon!

    Peace. Dee

    I hope you know, Desiree, how much I appreciate your reading and commenting on my blog.

  28. Thanks Des, your beautiful photo's remind me how blessed I am to live in this part of the world.


    Ok, guys, here’s the deal:

    Dad has been in the hospital most of the month of September. I just brought him home this afternoon. He has been placed in a hospice program and I will be caring for him at home until the Lord takes him to His home. I have no idea how much time
    I will have to respond to any of you. I do still have several posts sitting in the SCHEDULED file waiting to go out. Please stick with me as I WILL BE BACK.


  30. I definitely love the rocks. That last picture looks like a work of art but I'd steer clear of it if they have earthquakes around there. Gorgeous photos like always, thanks for sharing!

  31. I have struggled with network so long and today I got in no problem!
    (Vodacom tower must have been faulty in our area)

    I am so glag that I did get in.
    My mom and I have a "thing" for the Cape Dutch gables.
    What stunning stunning photos.

    So wish I could visit the cape again.
    Lovely history lesson too.

  32. I love your South Africa travelogues. The accompanying photos are wonderful. Thanks for the education.

  33. Thank you for another delightful tour of your beautiful part of the world, Des! Some things are so new and different and others feel very familiar. It is interesting how sometimes it does indeed feel like a small world. I do so love your tours of your homeland.


  34. Desiree, simply beautiful. I have always loved white washed buildings. It's funny how few of them you see here..and the little delicate touches of trim. The use of rocks for pathways..etc. All of it is lovely.
    I learned from you, and never knew this, that your season's are opposite of ours.
    Blogging has given us this. We bloggers know people in other countries close up and least closer than ever before. We women share so much..even though we are continents away from one another.
    Thank you, Desiree, for giving us your view of South Africa.
    I DO love this blog!!!

  35. Hi Desiree, Some wonderful scenes in this post, especially the last image of the Bainskloof pass. What an amazing and precarious looking group of boulders! The waterfalls are just beautiful. The other thing I must comment on is the whimsical fence made of rusty old spadeheads. Love it!!

  36. Historical Tulbagh is such an interesting place, I really enjoyed the tour.
    Thankyou for your recent comments on News From Italy, we feel very blessed to be able to live in this beautiful part of the world and I enjoy being able to share it with you. Take Care and have a lovely Autumn my friend, I will be back in November.

  37. Such a wonderful place - a photographer's dream. I totally enjoyed how you poked the camera over into some backyards too!
    We're very lucky to be able to go on this tour with you.
    It was interesting (and very impressive) to read about the owners having to repair the damage to their homes after the earthquake.
    I truly loved the different facades of the houses - it's what gives them their different personalities isn't it!
    You're a true artist with the camera Desiree - thank you, and cheerio for now :D)

  38. You go to the neatest places! I can't believe how lucky you are. I love these pictures.

  39. Splendid photographs...simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  40. Everyone above has written what I wanted to say-that'll teach me to arrive late!
    I had a lovely trip again with you today and I hope you are enjoying that fabulous book from Lavi - she's a very clever young lady.
    As I can't get over to South Africa this year, coming here is the next best thing.

  41. I think this looks so cool. It appears to be a multiple family dwelling. Was it?

  42. Hi Desiree. I can't find anywhere to send you an e-mail, so I am leaving a comment here. Hopefully you will pick it up. I have just gone back into Carol's blog (facing5o) and I was so pleased to see your comment there. I was starting to get a bit worried about you, as I haven't seen you around at all for over a week now. Is everything okay. Hope Noodles is alright. Thinking of you anyway and sending hugs and warm wishes from me to you x

  43. Dear Desiree, I haven't seen your comments on any of the blogs we both read. So I'm wondering if you're okay? If your health is not up to par, I hope everything improves soon.


  44. You see things in the most beautiful, amazing angels and lights. Wonderful--once again.

  45. Cape Dutch is a specially attractive style, and what wonderful photos! thank you

  46. Nice building and wine estate and... thanks for the quotation by John Keats!


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