Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Party Time at Facing 50 With Humour!

Do I look smart enough to attend Carol Wyer's Book Launch Party?
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You may have been wondering where I have been hiding, since I have not been at my usual post, today. Well, I have been busy getting myself glammed up in all my virtual finery in order to be ready for a much anticipated on-line house party! Yes, a proper on-line party to launch Carol Wyer's debut novel Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines.

It should prove to be a fabulous opportunity to meet new bloggers and friends and is being punted as a huge cyber gathering, so PLEASE do come along and join me at

As it is an Openhouse Party, I may invite as many guests as I want to, the only stipulation being that you need to bring your sense of fun with you.  In return, you will be able to mix with and meet a variety of delightful Blogland folk.

As far as the laid-on entertainment is concerned, there will be virtual games such as 'Pin the tail on a virtual donkey' and  virtual juggling. Since a party isn't a party unless there is plenty of good food, Carol has arranged for a wonderful spread of virtual food as well as music of your choosing.

There is also a fun ‘Mini Skirt’ competition (my very own daughter, Linda is one of the contestants, so please vote for her!) and a ‘Laughter Line’ contest where you can vote for your favourite joke – both events are bound to bring a smile to your face.

You will be able to 'mingle' with and 'chat' to other bloggers and ‘A’ list celebrities as well as a few Guests of Honour. There will be virtual dancing and, of course, since it is a book launch party, the opportunity to read some of Carol’s very entertaining novel. You will even get a chance to win yourself an autographed copy!

Do please come and join Carol Wyer, me and everyone else. The party starts at midnight UK time on Thursday 15th 2011 and will go on all day long on Friday 16th. Hope we'll see you there!


  1. Just did the 65 thing so enjoy your 50"s. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my posts.

  2. Wow what a post and the most fabulous photograph of a beautiful peacock to go with it. You are amazing! I have popped over here to thank you for your blogroll chat and comment and to let you know I have 'locked' my blog for a couple of hours so I can get everything ready so don't be surprised if you can't on it until later.
    This is a fabulous post and I am really lucky to have a blog friend like you. xxxxx
    See you later xxx

  3. 50 is awesome - really - it is the new 30! sandie

  4. I'll be there my friend, and i'm really looking forward to seeing you there! Hugs.

  5. Live begins with 50 darling.......i hope you have a great party !!!!!! from

  6. I think I've seen this post somewhere else today. Oh! At my blog. LOL

  7. How many "leg" votes am I allowed, Desiree? I have encountered a conflict of interest because more than one of my bloggy friends have entered their gams in the contest. The party starts soon and I intend to be there. I also hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

  8. Desiree...thank you so much for the compliment..
    Birthday's are beginning to frighten me...and I am not kidding. You seem to have picked up on it...
    Facing 50 was 25 years ago...and it's NO laughing matter! lol :)
    Sorry, I couldn't stop that giggle!

  9. Oh...and is for invited guests only...and..I was NOT invited! :)
    See? I just KNEW I was too darned old! *stomps off in a huff!*

  10. Wow! I should have linked my blog to yours, Deisree. You did a great job promoting the party! I'll see you there! (But, I hope you understand why I cannot vote for your lovely daughter!) Party on!!

  11. Love the bird and thanks for the invite!

  12. I guess we're all going to meet there uh? Maybe at different hours, but that should be ok, isn't a 24 hr. joint? You know, open all night....

  13. I am going to check this out I never had virtual food but I am willing to give it a try. B

  14. love love your outfit! Hope it doesn't shed, that might get Shady all in a dither!

    Desiree, thanks so much for all your kind thoughts and comments while my Sweetheart was down and out. It really kept us both smiling through the tough times.

    He is on the mend and slowly I'm regaining control over my time and able to rejoin and comment on my dear blogging friends postings. Hope you enjoy the party and I'll look for you there!


  15. Ah I've missed you!!! Stop playing at Carols and in your yard and come back already!

  16. Oh I wish, I could have been part of it. If not for the age atleast the humour could have sufficed for it....would have loved to read this book...have a gala time there.

  17. Hi my friend, well I do not know about you but I am still recovering from the party. I am surprised I did not bump into you there but it was pretty hectic wasn't it and I did meet lots of new people.

  18. I was only able to pop in for a minute but plan to visit again to discover everything that I missed! Love that peacock!

  19. I dropped by again to bask in your fabulous photos and enjoy the trip that you take us on. Boo is so sweet! I also wanted to look at that artwork again. It is fantastic. I really like it.
    I really must thank you too for being such a party animal and really getting into it. I am so sorry I was absent for some of the time-I had a signing and some publicity to deal with as well as flying between blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Then Hubby got in a sulk and wanted me to get off the computer so he could bore me about finance for an hour. I missed you in the chatroom as you had just left when I finally arrived.
    I am now off to enjoy your past posts and your blog. It is one of my absolute favourite blogs to visit. Just need Hubby to agree to us coming back to SA next year and then we could meet up properly.
    Thank you for all your support and friendship Desiree - sniff sniff.


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