Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deep Pools of Pure Love...the Eyes of Tessa!

Tessa, having the last bath I ever gave her.  This was a week before she suffered an incapacitating stroke and we had to have her euthenased to allow her to leave us forever. That day ranked as among the saddest and hardest we've yet faced.

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"I will lend to you for a while
a puppy, God said,
For you to love him while he lives
and to mourn for him when he is gone.
Maybe for twelve or fourteen years,
or maybe for two or thee
But will you, till I call him back
take care of him for me?"

"He'll bring his charms to gladden you
and when his job is over
you'll always have his memories
as solace for your grief."
~ Author Unknown ~

In memory of our wonderful German Shepherd, Tessa, who died exactly a year ago today (5th May 2010) after being an integral and much loved member of our family for 12.5 years. She was beyond comparable and we miss her daily.

I have offered to run this post on my blog in order to further aid an appeal which is being publicised on an animal-awareness blog authored by a passionate animal rights activist, Di @ Di Doodles About Stuff. It is my sincere hope that any South African readers who reside in the Free State, will be able to spread the word for this worthy cause. 

Herewith, over to Di. The link to her site is...

Cluny Animal Trust Appeal…

211050_216618095031530_6221677_nIn today’s blog post I appeal to you to support the Cluny Animal Trust.
They could really use your help to network their cause
Unfortunately they don’t have a website set up as yet but they have a new Facebook page running.
This is what they are all about. Once you’ve read this you will understand why they need help. Please could you share this post so that we can generate some much needed traffic towards their page and hopefully some helping hands or much needed donations.
The nearest SPCA vet hospital to Clarens, is Johannesburg or Bloemfontein, both more than three hours away!
At the closest SPCA in Bethlehem animals needing hospitalisation are likely to be put down due to the lack of facilities. The local vet has just established the Cluny Animal Trust, to ensure that no animal in the Eastern Free State needs to suffer due to abuse, neglect or lack of veterinary care.
The Cluny Animal Trust needs:
  • · a property on which to build a veterinary hospital.
  • · a vehicle fitted as a mobile clinic.
  • · Financial help with on-going outreach work,
  • · neutering and providing medical care for underprivileged animals.
  • · a website, designed and maintained
  • · materials such as posters, dvds, etc. to educate owners of animals as well as schoolchildren about responsible animal ownership
This is a mammoth undertaking and all support would be greatly appreciated.
Donations may be made directly to the bank account:
Cluny Animal Trust,
savings account no.035 278 846,
Standard Bank (Bethlehem) branch code 055033.
If there is any way in which you can help please contact Heather on
Or take a look at their The Cluny Animal Trust Facebook Page.
After reading this please consider
  • emailing this information to a friend, or
  • Post a link to this post to your Facebook Page
  • You could even tweet it.
  • if you have the means to help The Cluny Animal Trust please approach them. They honestly need all the help they can get.
Thank You.


  1. A wonderful dog and such a happy look! I cannot even imagine our life without our dog, Naila!

  2. As Claudia said I cannot imagine a day without our Rocky either. He is a little thing but has the biggest heart and knows how to make you feel so loved. I love the way we can keep memories alive with photos like you did. Thanks for this wonderful blog post and have an awesome rest of the week.

  3. This is a worthy cause and I hope they will be able to treat many animals, rather than having to put them to sleep.

    Tessa was a sweet girl and her eyes very expressive. I'm sorry for what happened to her... She did live a long and happy life though.

  4. What must we do without our dogs !!!...i can't live without darling......what sad ....and what a great pictures you have as a good memorie !! and kisses from

  5. A great cause and a great tribute to your beautiful dog.

  6. It's amazing how they become so much a part of our experience of love in this world. Our Ozzie just keeps weaving his way into our hearts, with his unconditional love and pure loyalty. I'm sorry for your loss but inspired by the work you are doing for this great cause.

  7. I would shrivle up and die without my babies! I will link this to my blog in the morning. I'm sorry about Tessa. She was beautiful and I can see she was very loved!

  8. Makes me miss my little Napoleon who gave me 16, wonderfully funny years.
    Tessa looks so cute getting soaped up.

  9. Very fine photos of a lovely dog or should I say bitch? Girl-dog sounds better! I love the photo of her having a shampoo!

  10. She looks perfectly content and that must make your memories of her even sweeter.

  11. Beautiful post in tribute to your much-loved gorgeous German Shepherd, Tessa. Sending you hugs on this sad day dear friend. Wonderful photos for you to remember her by.

  12. Oh goodness what a beauty! Hubs would have a FIT if he were here right now- German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are his favorite breeds! Our shepherd was Bandit and our Golden was Buddy. We loved them dearly!

  13. We gave Jake a much-needed bath about five days before his death. Because he couldn't do stairs and it was too cool outside, we walked him around the outside of the house to the walk-out basement, and bathed him in it's nice warm shelter.

    After we toweled him for quite a while, he was still too wet to bring outside. My daughter and I lay by him on the floor, on blankets until he was good and dry. She did homework, I read a book, and he looked more content than I'd seen him in a long while.

    It's the last good memory I have of him, so this post really brought it all back. Since all of this happened just this April, it's very fresh in my mind.

    It's a good cause. I hope you do well with it and the dogs like Tessa and Jake will be the ones who profit.

  14. A beautiful dog -- you were lucky to have had her a dozen years.

  15. What a beautiful tribute to "a friend" that blessed your life. She has the sweetest face and I am sure the love she gave you was returned. You can see it in her eyes.

  16. I keep getting drawn in those big sad doggie eyes. She looks a lot like Aschiuta but somehow wiser...

    And thanks for the new card, it's lovely!

  17. Isn't it awesome how these amazing beings creep into our hearts and souls.
    We are so blessed to have had such amazing experiences with such beautiful souls!

    Thank you so much for posting the piece on the Cluny Animal Trust. Heather is extreemly grateful for all the publicity. ;)

    Big Hug

  18. What a beautiful dog, and her eyes are full of love. It so hard when a much loved fur family member dies.

  19. What a sweet face! I'm sorry for your loss. I know from personal experience that we never quite fill the hole left when a beloved dog dies. Thank you for sharing the poem - what comfort it offers.

  20. I can't believe how happy she looks being given a bath! When I was a child, our Jack Russell loved to get muddy, but hated having a bath. He would squirm and wriggle and do everything in his power to escape from that warm soapy water!

  21. What a beautiful girl! I know you must miss her. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Hi Desiree, following you back, thanks to Carol. I love your blog and your post about your pup. I've had dog all my life and don't know what I would do without them. I loved the poem too, could I steal it to post on my own blog?
    Thanks for following

  23. We're lucky to have our dear animals...and people, for as long as we have them. Enjoy today is what that teaches me, the only time we really have!

  24. oh Desiree, so sorry to know about your lovely Tessa, she was so beautiful!! I know how it feels... our Dolfo passed away after 15 years with us and he has been like no other dog.
    hugs my dear


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