Friday, May 20, 2011

Life goes on...

Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech.
~ Martin Fraquhar Tupper ~

I think this has been the longest gap I've had between postings. When I started blogging in November 2010, I was eager to build up a stock of posts so that anyone visiting my blog, were I destined to be lucky enough to have any followers, would at least have found something to read.  That objective has certainly been accomplished, as I see my last post clocked up at number 85.  That means, for anyone who hasn't been following me since Day 1, and that's all of you, there's enough to sift through...if you happen to feel like a visit, but you've already read the most recent posts ;)

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In three words, I can sum up what I've learned about life: It goes on! 
~ Robert Frost ~

Alternatively, you can always work steadily through the list of blogs I follow. Either way, I too have learned that life goes on...whether I blog or not. There is such a huge world out there and so many incredibly interesting and talented bloggers that for anyone wanting a bit of diversion, the choices and options are endless.

While I'm off hunting for my next meal of earthworms, the rest of the world continues doing whatever it's off doing...

I go about my business and everyone else goes about theirs...

And now I think it's time for a nap!
This Hadeda (Glossy Ibis) visits our garden regularly, but I think it's peeved of late as there is now paving where before there was lawn and it has clearly been staging a protest, judging by the size of the splats that have been left. I've also noticed that it's taken a sudden interest in my pots.  Any resident earthworms are unlikely to stand much of a chance against that beak! This particular bird lands very noisily on the roof of my greenhouse, which sets Milo off barking every time. The bird is disdainful of our hysterically yapping pup and haughtily looks down at him from the safety of the roof, although Milo wouldn't stand a chance against that beak either, were there to be a contest of wills.

Since my last posting, life has been very busily 'going on' in our household. I have been making steady headway in the garden and spending oodles of time with the dogs outdoors. From Sunday, rain is forecast, which is about time...our dams have fallen to a little above 50% which is 20% down on the same time last year. We need to start playing 'catch-up' in terms of storage ahead of our next summer season. The weather has cooled down considerably and we had our first load of firewood delivered earlier this week. Lighting a fire first thing in the morning and keeping it going throughout the day has become a winter ritual in our home and one which I love!

Autumn colour in our garden...the Liquidamber growing beside our pool.

Without the cover on the pool, all of these leaves would be in the pool...

The fallen leaves of the Japanese elm will turn into a lovely mulch...we do not rake our garden beds at all.

There is a privacy about winter which no other season gives you...only in the winter can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savour belonging to yourself. 
~ Ruth Stout ~ 

YAWN...this is just about the most boring post you've done...I think I'll join that Hadeda for a nap!
Sorry, Toby! Hopefully anyone paying my blog a visit won't find it quite that bad!!! If they do, I'll suggest they pop along to visit Linda @ The Squashed Tomato  [ ]...her life has been a lot more interesting than ours this week! She's been having fun in a professional kitchen watching one of South Africa's top chefs in action and tasting some truly gorgeous-looking food. No, Toby, they won't allow you into the kitchen!



  1. Nothing boring here. I'm still stuck at that amazing Ibis bird and the photo of the leaves floating like a work of art on your watered down canvas. You are an artiste, and I love your blogs. Frequency is for mass produced art. Take your time and create these masterpieces. Thanks!

  2. Desiree, my friend!! I really find it hard to put into words what a beautiful post this is. The pictures are just so gorgious and I find it unique how enjoyable it could be looking at leaves with the colors so vibrant. Thank you for making my day.

  3. Hi Desiree, I have come to think of blogging as checking in with friends, rather like giving someone a call and asking, "So how are you anyway?" I also feel a bit guilty, when life gets in the way, and I don't make those "calls" or post to my blog. All one can do is strive for balance.
    While you are experiencing the first cool days, we are enjoying the first blast of summer humidity. It must be nice to have a fireplace with a warm glowing fire. A fireplace is one thing I wish this house had.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy playing with the dogs!

  4. Ha! Ha! Not boring...I made it all the way through, and I'm still awake...and smiling! That means..good post! :-))

  5. Lovely autumn photos, so much tranquility! Amazing! Enjoy the weekend and since I follow you no post has been 0,00001% boring :) Smiles!

  6. I started reading about your beautiful garden when it was Summer there and Winter here. I'm very much looking forward to reading about your Fall and Winter now that Summer is almost here (when I'm not out in my own garden).

    Great pictures of your turning leaves. You have a fireplace, how wonderful! I wish we had one.

  7. I'm sorry to say I've been busy too (and will still be for a while), but thanks for dropping by.

    Your photos of red leaves and stories of winter fires reminded me of bundling in my chair with childhood's books in front of the heater.

    I can never get enough of the sights in your garden and I wish I could take the posts one by one to catch up on everything. One day though.

  8. It does seem weird watching you going into Autumn. I rarely rake my beds either. The leaves do rot down and nourish the soil eventually. (Although I do clear the lawn and paths.)

  9. Boring? Absolutely not! There is such a poetic touch to your words--and no, I'm not referring to the quotes. LOL

    That is a lovely ibis! The only ones I've seen here are white with those long, curved, orange beaks...or bills? Shoot, what's the diff?

    I also love that you're having fall and winter while I'm suffering spring and summer! This way, I can enjoy my favorite seasons all year long!

    Tucker sends high fives to your doggies!

  10. I don't think you could ever be boring, Desiree!! That bird certainly has a vicious looking beak! :) I hope he's not spoiling that lovely paved area that you have just had laid, with his dropopings! Great photos, and I loved the little quotes that you have worked in between this post.It's funny to see autumn colours, when we are just into spring!

  11. I was a bit worried about you...first i thought i ask your daughter but i am glad to hear from you your dog !!..happy weekend

  12. A quick hello! I know the busy life feeling. And I agree with Jennifer that it feels really neglectful not to be visitng all my friend's blogs and leaving comments. No doubt things will quieten down again - for us both! Meanwhile I enjoyed that ibis - what a cool bird to have strutting about your patch. Even if it does leave comments.

  13. I don't find this boring. As always your posts are interesting and very calming to me and I love, love, love your beautiful photos. That bird is something else. Here in Kentucky we get a lot of cardinals and blue jays.
    It is so funny to think of you building a fire and looking at autumn leaves, because here we are firmly entrenched in spring.

  14. What a charming bird! And you remind me that I really need to plant a Liquidamber -- such beautiful colors!

  15. You have amassed a lot of followers in a short time. You must spend some time visiting all of them. How could your post be boring with that beautiful dog, Toby featuring. The ibis pics are great too and the relevant text.

  16. I love to check in with my blog pals every day and having been doing just that today and have hubby complaining that I have not done the washing or have anything planned for tea oh well to make him happy I did a load of washing and have the second load in the machine it isn't like he has run out of clean undies........bloody whinge.

    As for tea I don't eat much and neither does he so often I just can't be bothered with cooking tea I would rather cook something for lunch which I will be doing tomorrow.

    Damn what was I going to say mmmmmmm
    I love the bird and it is a pretty smart one to be protesting about the lack of lawn you now have but hey he will adjust or move on to somewhere with lawn.

  17. I love this post! In fact I really enjoy your blog. I check every single day to see if you have something posted. That kind of sounded like I blog stalk you but I look forward to seeing your beautiful pictures and your charming words! Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. It always makes me smile!

  18. I think this is a great post and explains very well your feelings. Real life is important and we have to learn to get the right balance.

  19. Your views/insights/comments on life are always a delight Desiree!
    One of the (many) lovely things about blogging, is that we can all dance to the beat of our own drums and post exactly when we feel like it. No pressure - no deadlines to meet.
    Autumn is a beautiful time of year, spectacular colours. Lovely to see the Autumn colour you're enjoying :D)
    Thank you for a lovely post and photos.

  20. I love the autumn photos. It is my favorite season!

  21. wonderful blog.. beautiful pictures. so glad to be here :)

  22. Hello little Miss Cheeky! You come and tell me off for not blogging and yet what do I discover? You've been admiring beautiful Ibis and autumn colours and not posting. You have one of the most beautiful blogs I follow. I don't think there is anything boring at all here and it's okay to take some time out. I should know. It takes ages to prepare a good post and you can't be expected to sit behind the keyboard day in day out, not with fires to light and fab photos to take.
    I was surprised by how autumnal it has got over there. I suppose because we are headed rapidly now into Summer I seem to think everyone else is too. When I say 'Summer' I snigger because it's blowing so much I had to anchor Hubby down today so he didn't blow away as the wnd is so strong.
    I always tell you this, but it's true, and I know many others feel the same way. You have a wonderful blog - quite different to many, so you'll have to put up with troublemakers like me coming to visit you even if you try to hide!


    My sincere thanks to you all for your encouraging comments...Toby really gave me reason to feel bad that I'd subjected you all to this inferior post and he says even though you all chose to flatter me and stroke my ego, he has no intention of joining in the charade! He maintains his original indictment still stands! Just goes to can never hope to please everyone!

    Big hug,

  24. Oooh, I can imagine the splat, splat mess.. what with all our geese and peacocks and other fowl, I am constantly scrubbing off the porch! But what a treat to have that splendid looking bird to observe all day. Toby is so wrong. Whenever an animal photos is involved, things are never boring. Toby, go fetch a stick or something!

  25. Your posts are never boring. I love the ibis, and envy you its presence. Gorgeous autumn pictures.

  26. Yes, Toby is very wrong. Not boring at all. I think Toby is jealous that he wasn't being featured! I hope you get all your cleaning done during your rainy day. We may have more rain tomorrow, so I might have to find something else to clean as well!

  27. OOoooooh Desiree....i have so much catching up to do...

    i love your visiting Ibis!! and i miss Autumn it's getting HOTTER by the day here! but just looking at the beautiful colors of your Fall leaves...makes me a little bit cooler! i especially like the leaves floating....

    thanks...i can't tell you how much i enjoy visiting...and i'll be back to catch up MORE after i wander through other blogs i've lagged behind in... :]

  28. It seems so strange to see the autumn color in your garden when it's spring here. It's cold today - it seems spring is having a hard time taking hold - but my lilacs are in full bloom. Maybe I should have put a pic of them up while I was not posting this week.

    The writing sumbissions are up - thanks for participating. Yours gave me a much needed smile.

    I havde also felt as if there was more to read than one can manage on my blog. I wonder how anyone can find their way to the good stuff! I will be reaching post number 500 sometime in the next few months... I should probably do something special for it. hm...

    love to come in and catch up. Read the most recent post, as well, but since I have to get myself to yoga I am combining comments. Toby is such an adorable critic! And - I love the dog pile they sleep in.

  29. No, not bored at all!

    There, now I am caught up. I have been so busy lately with the granddaughter and her kids. Not only that but Dad was in the hospital for a few days. He was so anemic that they had to give his 2 liters of blood. Plus he was dehydrated. Of course I stayed there with him.

    I have to work on a new post soon as I have run out of scheduled ones and the drafts are in dismal shape.

    I could post on the TERRIBLE tornado that hit 45 miles away in the city of Joplin, Missouri, but, that is way too tragic. It wiped out 30% of the town. I hate to write about serious stuff. lov ya kt

  30. What a cool looking bird, even if its manners leave something to be desired. I love your photos of the leaves, too.

    Yes, life goes on. There are frequently a number of days between my posts. We've had lots of rain, and other interruptions to my being out in the garden. I have been able to get some done, though.

  31. It sounds so nice there, fall leaves and winter fires! We are still cool and wet and it feels a bit like winter still... but they are finally predicting we hit 70 this weekend.
    I just don't have the time to blog like I used to, the older my youngest gets the busier I am with her activities. I've been missing your blog and made sure I came to catch up on what's going on here. Looking forward to seeing how your garden looks in winter. Take care!


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