Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm on my turning back now!

Today saw me tentatively stepping out of the comfort zone of my obscurity into the unknown that awaits me in Blog Land. I'm pleased to report I survived the leap of faith. No one has written any nasty comments and I've not had my identity highjacked. If things continue this well, I suspect I might end up enjoying the journey.

My fellow travellers - L to R - Heathcliff, Toby & Bonny

My husband and I bought our plot and moved into our newly built house in 1983. Every single blade of kikuyu grass was planted by my husband from runners kindly given to us by the foreman of a local sewage works. We'd been to a forestry plantation while our house was still in the planning stages and stored our precious, tiny trees purchased there at my Mother's garden, where she watered and nurtured them till it was time for us to plant them. Those same trees now tower above us, providing us with necessary shade through our long, hot, largely dry and windy summers. 

Dense planting at the bottom corner of the back garden
Our children were brought home to this house from birth. They grew up and played here and return regularly for visits now they've moved out and on to lives of their own. So, this is first and foremost a happy, family home and I can truly claim to love both our house and garden. Neither is large nor showy, but everything about both has been a product of our love, thought and combined hands-on effort. We have carefully looked after and tended what we have, adapted to changes and enjoyed each transformation. Both home and garden are continuing to evolve, as are we. Life is not static.

Driveway view of front entrance
I truly believe that you can find contentment in the simple things around you. It does not diminish you as a human being by refusing to buy into the mindset that constantly urges you to keep searching for satisfaction elsewhere. The grass is definitely not necessarily greener on the other side of the fence and, if we could teach our children the joy of simple contentment, they would always have something grounded to fall back on, when the world tosses them hither and thither. I don't think we have to wait until we're middle-aged, porky and grey before we are able to realise this!

Raised garden adjacent to front doorway
I adhere to the belief system expressed by Epicurus that we should, “not spoil what we have by desiring what we do not have,” but “remember that what we have now was once among the things we only hoped for.” 

He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home
– Johann Von Goethe
We need to recognise and appreciate what we do have and then take care of it to the best of our ability. Gardeners the world over seem to recognise this instinctively and, by sharing their unique creations, they help to make the world a more beautiful place. So, to all gardeners out there...keep doing what you're doing and have fun every step of the way! 

Strelitzias putting out new blooms for the season

Toby says, "Will you visit again?"



  1. Hi Des, I am so impressed with your blog! Your garden looks magical and I am sure that all visitors to these pages will leave inspired! Keep it up! xx

  2. what a lovely garden - and thank you for sharing :)

  3. Linda:

    Thank you for visiting and for your encouraging words ;)


    So nice to meet you and so pleased you liked what you saw.

  4. I remember feeling really awkward about starting my blog too. It was quite a leap as I wasn't a Twitter or Facebook person - far from it! So I can empathise with your comments.

    Your home and garden hold many precious memories and, yes, it is nice when we see our children hold an appreciation for the good, honest simple things in life.

  5. I thought I'd read more of your older posts and decided to start with the beginning.

    I must say I regret not finding your blog earlier, since from the very first posts, you have shown your visitors breathtaking nature photos and imparted your views and wisdom on life and its beauty.

    Your garden is gorgeous!

  6. I am a fairly newcomer to your blog and I love it!!! Your writing is thoughtful and beautiful, and your photos are phenomenal. I am so thankful to have found you...and so I am going to start at the very beginning ("a very good place to start...") I will savor the journey and learn so much about your part of the world.
    From VA, USA


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