Monday, November 29, 2010

Mirror images

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror
~ Kahlil Gibran ~

Although not yet sealed, my mirror is now ready to show itself to the world!

I found it quite difficult to photograph, but decided the best approach would be to carry it around my garden and position it in different spots and at different angles.   The idea I had in doing this was to try and discover the best way to present it, so that not only the mosaic edging would be visible, but that the mirror itself would pick up various reflections to enchant and entertain.

I do not use a sophisticated camera.  It's a little point and shoot with both a macro function and zoom option.  My biggest problem was either picking up too much reflected light, or not enough - I just kept on at it until I felt there were at least a few worthy of adding to my blog.

So, here goes...

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As you can see, I opted to go the chunky route rather than strictly sticking to a more traditional mosaic design.  I also wanted mine to be carefree, with no real pattern discernible.  I used the links from a bracelet I'd found in the instructor's box of all-sorts.  She wasn't sure how it had ended up in there, but happily gave me permission to cut it loose and use the pieces.  In the end, they served as my inspiration.

My daughter and I did the mosaic workshop together.  She made a sign with the number of her townhouse on it.  I'm so proud of her as this was also her first effort and she jumped straight in without any hesitation and finished quite some time before I did!  I think hers has turned out superbly and she was unique in making her house number a word as opposed to the number, 20.

My husband will seal this for our daughter as well and then she'll be able to give it pride of place at the entrance to her lovely home.

 Serve others for they are reflections of the same Entity of which you are yourself another reflection.  No one of you has any authenticity, except in reference to the Original.  Feel always kinship with all creation.
~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba ~

I wish you all a wonderful day!



  1. Oh, your mosaic mirror frame is just beautiful! You did a great job on it! And you did a great job photographing it. All I have is a point and shoot with a macro and a zoom function too. I just love all the photos you took of it out in the garden. It is eventually going to live out there, isn't it?

    Are you going to do more? Because you definitely have a talent for this kind of art. I hope if you do more mosaics, that you post pictures of them.

    Kudos to you!

  2. Oh Desiree,
    Between the garden, the dogs and the mosaics, you and I are truly kindred spirits! I love the mirror! It is gorgeous! I can't believe you did this on your first try. It is absolutely beautiful!

    You must promise that if you are ever in this part of the world you will come and visit me!


  3. Both of your pieces of art turned out so well. I love all the mirror pieces on the edge of the mirror, it really picks up a lot of light. A great way to see your garden at some different angles too!

  4. Alison:

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words - and yes, the next task will be to find my mirror its new home in the garden.

    We really enjoyed making our first pieces and have both said we'd like to do, watch this space :)


    Oh, you are a sweetie! And thank you for your invite to visit - same goes from my side too :)

    I LOVE the exquisite glass art you have made for your garden - you are so, so talented. Keep it up!


    So pleased you enjoyed the new angles - it was rather fun picking out different spots in the garden and then seeing what the mirror picked up!

    Wish I could ask you ALL to join me in the garden for tea and freshly baked scones ;)

  5. Your mirror is beautiful! I love the way that both the glass and the mosaic work reflect light and images. It is going to look lovely in your garden. I'm just wondering how hard it will be to decide where to position it.

    Your daughter's house number is great too. Very individual. People will notice it.

  6. Thank you, H! It was lots of fun making it (not any fun at all, cleaning off the grout :( Next time, I'll do most of it while it's still wet!)

    My daughter will be delighted to know you think her idea is unique, too ;)

    Yes, and now the next thing to do is to find the perfect spot for my mirror.

  7. The mirror is wonderful, photographing mirrors and glass prints is very difficult to do. Always at an angle, and make sure you don't get yourself in the shot, unless you want yourself in , and that is ok too. You have to put something in the mirror's reflection that you want in there. Very special you and your daughter did this together , her sign is great as well. take care, Gina

  8. You are so right, Gina! Not easy to do at all until you figure out the tips you highlight here ;) It ended up being fun though and I'd like to experiment a bit more with photographing reflections.

    And yes, it was really special to do the workshop with my daughter. I'll tell her you think her sign is great, too :)

    I hope you're doing OK - I think of you often!

  9. wow!wow!wow!! Amazing mirror and sign!

  10. Your beautiful mirror and the images shown are simply gorgeous. A really clever idea :)

  11. Thank you, Susan!

    I must admit it was great fun doing it :)


    Des xo


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