Thursday, November 25, 2010

Outside the greenhouse

 Another glorious day to continue our walk in the garden.  Please do join us. 
This is the small area directly behind the pond and to the left of the greenhouse.  The pond is situated on the other side of and slightly below the Modjadji palm (cycad) in the picture above (on the right).  Once again, the logs are off cuts from tree prunings in the garden.  The greenhouse is to the left of where we are standing.

In this picture, we are looking down on to the curved pathway leading away from the greenhouse and garden path shown in earlier posts.  The greenhouse is behind where we're standing now and slightly off to our right.

Turning slightly, we now have a better perspective of the area below the greenhouse.

Toby says, "But we were here the other day!  I want to look at different things, today!"

Be patient, Toby.  I'm getting there...I just need to lead our readers so they know where we'll be today!

Just look at this splendid can't be bored with that!

And what about the lovely colour of this pelargonium?

See, Toby, if l you look really closely, you'll always find something new and exciting...
OK! I get it!!!!  But I'm still bored...I want to play! 

Look, Toby. Now Heathcliff  & Bonny have come to see what all the fuss is about!

Bonny says, "Toby, just settle down and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds all around you.  You don't always have to be off DOING something!"

My newest water feature - just completed.  I can't wait till the waterlily produces its first flower.

I grow my vegetables and herbs in tubs and pots.  The creeper on the fence is a granadilla planted last year.
I like mixing flowers and edibles together. Here, I have spring onions with violas and fairy primulas.  You can see I live in a wine growing region - these lovely half wine vats are very popular and freely available at nurseries and garden centres.

Spinach, lettuce and parsley growing here.Toby has cajoled Heathcliff into a game of tug of war.

I am expecting great things from the star jasmine this season!  It's fragrance combined with the sweet scent of alyssums is heavenly!

Sage, onions, celery and spinach growing here.  It's always so much nicer to pick and eat herbs and salads directly from the garden. 

More parsley, spinach and rocket. The wetland garden is ahead, behind the fence. 

I have several birdbaths dotted around my garden.  The birds use them all :)

So proud of this healthy watercress. 

I always have spinach growing.

Love my old wheelbarrow - these pansies have been flowering since last spring 2009!  I cut them back often and they start up all over again.  The snails love them, too.   

Every garden needs a butterfly, even if it's just ornamental.  Fortunately, we get lots of visiting butterflies of the real kind, too!
Not only is the greenhouse generously lined with shelving on both sides, my husband ensured I had enough room for the overflow on this outside wall.  Lucky me, I know ;)

Strawberries in the making...Yay!

The last of the plants I'd been keeping here before their turn to be planted in the garden.  I'll need to take a more recent picture soon.  This area changes regularly in terms of what I have on the shelves.

Since taking this picture, all of these plants have been moved to new homes in the garden and I've been growing cuttings of my fushias which are now all in flower.  They are the ballerinas of the garden.

The little veggie troughs and my strawberries are to remain permanents here.

Cute scarecrow.  The grassy leafed plant in the pink tub is an indigenous bulb which produces the most exquisite flowers.  It was dying back here, as it had reached the end of its season. I've since planted the bulbs into the garden and will expect great things next year when it's their turn to put on a show again.

I love little surprises in the garden and have ensured there's plenty to keep myself entertained.

This concludes what I wanted to show you of my garden, today. Next time, I'll take you around the corner from here and show you the pond.  Here's a quick peek at it from above & behind, to pique your interest.  I also want to introduce you to its resident toad, but you'll have to come back for that!  See you soon, I hope :)

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day wherever you are!


  1. Boy do all those pictures of your beautiful garden make me feel like the worst tender of my garden on the face of the planet ( or top 5 at least ). I have done almost nothing in my garden for months..your pictures are a great inspiration.thanks for sharing, Gina

  2. Gina, your own garden sanctuary is beautiful!!! A very special haven which you have created with so much love and feeling. Do not feel at all bad for not having given it the time and attention you did before...

    It is not always possible to garden as much as one would like. Sometimes, ones energy and focus is needed elsewhere, so do not feel you've been neglecting it. It will continue to do what it does best and, as soon as your situation allows you to shower it with extra love, it will reward you abundantly.
    ((((Big hug)))

  3. I just love seeing more of your garden. I love how you grow your edibles in the wine barrels. The area I live in is a big wine are too and my half barrels are from one of the local wineries. I love that we can grow some of the same flowers in our garden.
    How do you get Toby to pose so nicely? My dog walks away and all I get is her back end every time :)

    PS Have you listed your blog on Blotanical? It's a free garden blog directory, so many people would love your blog.

  4. Thank you so much, Catherine! I truly believe gardens are to be shared and I've gained so much pleasure from viewing others, I simply had to try giving back to all of you.

    Toby is rather accommodating, isn't he?! I guess it's really just luck on my part, though!!

    How interesting that you also live in a wine growing area. Now I've learnt something new, as I had no idea grape vines could do well in areas that get snow and ice. I've always assumed they prefer hot regions.

    I find it much easier to grow herbs etc. in pots/tubs as this way, they are off the ground and away from peeing dogs :) Also, it makes getting at them so much easier as I don't have to bend quite so far.

    Thanks for the suggestion to list my blog. I am so new to this I had no idea one could do that (I'm really showing my ignorance aren't I?) I'll give it some thought - I do appreciate your belief that it would increase my readership. Not so sure about that - there are so many incredibly talented bloggers out there. I guess I still feel a tad "shy."

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving with your family. I know it's a very important and big holiday over there :)


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