Monday, January 10, 2011

Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer...

 A pool is the eye of the garden in whose candid depths is mirrored its advancing grace.
~ Louise Bebe Wilder ~

 "Water...though not absolutely necessary to a beautiful so capital a feature, that it is always regretted when wanting; no large place (nor) little spot can be imagined in which it may not be agreeable.  It accommodates itself to every situation, captivates the eye, invites approach; is delightful when near; refreshes an open exposure; animates a shade..."

Thomas Whately, Observations on Modern Gardening, 1770

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Soothing, cooling shadows...

Shimmering blue water...

Cooling, soothing colours...

Those hazy, lazy days of summer are here...
cool colours,
cool water,
cooling shade...
essential, soothing elements...
helping me maintain unruffled equanimity!

"Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances."

~ Thomas Jefferson ~


  1. I am really jealous.......really........ohhhh ....remember when it is here summer and by you winter......i let you know girl !!! hahahhahaha!! love

  2. Oh I could spend a couple of hours lounging on one of those deckchairs with a book! I love your vegetation around the pool - especially those white rocks in front of the greenery.

  3. Ohhhhhh, bliss! What a dreamy space. And yes, what is it about still, clear water that soothes the soul?? xxx

  4. I'm cool too. Not much problem keeping cook here at the moment :)

    Right now though, I'm going to sit for just one moment and dream of hot summer sun whilst lounging by a pool.

    Wow, you're right! Those cicadas do like their music!

  5. The pool does look refreshing although it would be frozen here right now. I think water in the garden now matter how big or small adds so much. Even better if you can swim in it on a hot summer day. I can't wait to feel some heat here :)

  6. Ahh...yes. Would you believe..that my husband had a lovely pool at this home...but after his children were grown...he took a JACKHAMMER and broke it up and dumped it in on itself?! Yes! He did that. Then he ordered gravel, sand and fill dirt and filled it up and planted grass! I am still...dismayed that one could pay so much for a lovely pool and then destroy it. He said it was too much work and they never used it. "SO WHAT!" I exclaimed! I would love just looking at it...using it as a big pond...anything but destroying it.

    YOurs is...*sigh* delightful!
    But then you live in paradise anyway! :)

  7. Thanks, EVERYONE...for visiting and, as always, leaving a cheery comment to show you'd popped round. Every one is special to me and much appreciated :)


    Des xo

  8. Hi Desiree, I just dropped in from Mona's blog (Wsprsweetly of COllatges) and it was wonderful to see all the lovely tomatoes and warmth coming from your photos. We live on the Va eastern shore now (formerly NJ) and it is winter and we did have 16 inches of snow at Christmas, so these posts are lovely to read. Please do drop in and visit. We enjoy drop-ins visits and reply to every comment.
    And I will visit again as it's a lovely blog.

  9. Lovely to have you pop by, Beatrice - I'm so pleased to know my post has brought some warmth to your day :)

  10. Hola Desiree, such a wonderful garden and home you have. Nice meeting someone from Southafrica!!!
    cariños from Chile
    maria cecilia

  11. beautiful..true and inspiring!
    Always wonderful visiting your world!

  12. Maria Cecilia:

    WELCOME! I see you are my newest follower - thank you!


    So glad you enjoyed your visit :)

  13. Another beautiful spot in your garden - very lush and to sit beside the pool must be truly peaceful.

    I enjoy having several bowls of water around the garden and our verandah. I place them so that when the sun hits them, the reflections play on the walls and ceiling.

    You've chosen such a lovely quotation and observation :)

  14. Hi Susan:

    What a very clever idea - this would also work especially well for those whose gardens are tiny, but who would also like to enjoy the effect of reflections off water!

    Glad you enjoyed your visit :)

  15. Nudge up I want to sit here with you! Water is so calming to - mind you not the current rain shower that is bashing against our windows:)
    I just love visiting you . It cheers up my gloomy day.
    I came by to thank you for your comment on my last post. Getting up and finding comments from people like you is nicer than writing the post. It gives you a real feel of comradry.
    Thanks again now enjoy your sunshined filled garden. (I'm green eyed with envy)

  16. it looks very inviting . Lovely words.

  17. I am really wishing we'd get a spot of rain here too, to cool things down - but no luck of that unfortunately :(

    With the excessive rainfall and subsequent widespread flooding in Queensland and Brazil having caused such horrific devastation and loss of life, I guess my wishing for rain must seem ridiculous, but we could really do with some where I live.

    Keep writing and I'll keep commenting ;)


    Des xo

  18. Hi Diane:

    I'd just been visiting your blog to get today's update on the Brisbane situation - seems you were here at almost the same time.

    I guess right now, where you're standing, you've seen more than your fair share of water in all forms!

    The rest of the world is watching and waiting with you and you are all very much in our thoughts.

    Take care!


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