Thursday, January 20, 2011

Heathcliff's Turn!

You won't believe how hard it has been for me to nudge Desiree out of the way, so I can have my turn on the blog.  She kept going on about 'needing' to upload some pictures of...other animals!  My word, I could hardly believe my ears.  After I threatened to go and roll in the hadedah poop and then come back inside and loll on the lounge carpet, she relented. 

It's only fair, after all!  She  did promise I could 'share' her blog space.  I'm merely standing up for my animal rights on this issue!  Besides, what I want to show you today is very important, as I know many aging dogs out there whose owners have not yet bought them a RAMP!

Maybe they just don't know about them, so I felt it would be an excellent idea to show you OUR RAMP! 

Well, come on then!  It's over here...see? Please click the read more button below to continue ;)
Toby has agreed to demonstrate it for you, while I instruct.

No, Toby!  That was far too quick.  Desiree hadn't even got her camera ready yet! Come back down!  That's our water tank in the back.  We always take water whenever we go out as we get very thirsty!

Sure thing - here I come.  How's this looking to you?

That was good, Toby, but you're too quick again!  Desiree still wanted to take a picture of you going UP the ramp!!!

I'm really doing my best, here!  I can't help it if you're all such slow coaches! 

Now watch carefully...I'm taking it real SLOW this time!

OK, and (slowly) UP I go's that?

Ah, thank heavens!  Looks like my modelling is over for now and we're going for a drive...Yay!

Now where is Desiree off to?  Oh, fetching the car keys!

See how neatly this ramp folds up and attaches so easily to the back of the tailgate so it won't fall on our feet while we're driving or get in our way...

Well, I do hope you enjoyed our demonstration!  We love our ramp.  It's especially good for 10 year old Bonny and for me as I'm far too short to be able to jump in and out without risking pulling a muscle.  Toby just sees it all as another game, of course.  He loves to see how fast he can run up and down even though he can easily jump in and out on his own.

Oh, good!  Here comes Desiree again...we're all loaded and ready to hit the road!

Man, this is a Dogs' Life!!!  I LOVE IT!

This ramp can be used in any car (standard sedan, luxury sedan, pick-up (bakkie) and all SUVs) and up short flights of stairs.  Bonny, Toby and I love ours and we've learnt to be patient while it is quickly folded & unfolded.  It is very sturdy and secure.  You just have to mind you're not in a hurry or else you might pinch your fingers, but we of course never have that problem!

Boy, after all that 'directing", I sure could do with a nap, right now!  I know what Steven Spielberg goes through each time he produces a movie!


  1. Oh Heathcliffe:) This is Megain, the Maltese x Scottish Terrier responding to you mail. Thank GOODNESS you had your turn at this blog - now my yoomen gave me MY turn! What a wonderful invention that ramp is. My yoomens should get one for me as I'm real short (they say I'm fat, but I'm actually just well-padded) and of course, I'm 12 years old. I cannot get into their vehicle. They have a similar, albeit homemade ramp against an open window of the house for the geriatric cats (all about my age and older!) to get in and out with ease. Toby is a wonderful model, and you - well, you're a brilliant director. Now, it wasn't so old, mmm... Woofs and tailwags from Megan Hedges in the Free State

  2. Pleased to meet you, Megain the Maltese x Scottish Terrier. I know the 'fat' talk - I get it too, but I'm really far too fit, being such a good swimmer and all, so I don't pay any attention. Between you and me, I just take a good side-long glance at THEIR middles. You won't believe how podgy they've become over the last year or so! Yep, Toby is a great little brother! I've trained him pretty well!

    xxx Heathcliff xxx

  3. That ramp looks pretty cool to me Heathcliffe! I'm pleased you find it so useful (and Toby finds it such fun!). It's neat the way it folds up on the tailgate too.

  4. Hello Desiree....nice doggies......our dogs jump out of the car...after they get the sign to do that ! ....your dogs are very clever !!! nice to see !! ...lovely Ria....xxxx...

  5. Ah Heathcliff, you made me chuckle at your devious method to get Desiree off the computer... naughty naughty!

    A ramp is such a great idea for doggies of a certain age - much more efficient than a walking stick ;-)

    We sometimes see a lot of older working dogs on farms out here in Australia who could do with something like that, after all their years of jumping up into the backs of utes !!

    Toby did a good job of demonstrating it too - under your keen directions no doubt.

    Bye ...

  6. Hola Desiree, you are so caring and sweet with your dog, he must be very happy at your home, for sure!!!
    Your comment in my blog was so beautiful and poetic that I wish I could write better in english to leave you a more beautiful message but this is what I can do in my poor english writing and speaking.
    I have 6 dogs already and believe me I´m not so happy, they do destroy my garden all over....
    hugs my dear

  7. Hi its Sweetpea! We might have to get a ramp for our dog...Then again she does not like the car...Hmmm.


  8. The german shepherds are the best dogs in the world and how clever Toby is doing a demo movie. Is there any room for humans once al the dogs are in the car?

  9. Mom LIFTS me and sets me gently when I wish to climb on ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
    No..really, I like your ...ramp! Yes. We don't have any steps here to speak of..and Mom lifts me up on the bed every night cuz I sleep by her feet and keep them warm.
    Nope. Don' needa ramp...not that there is anything WRONG with ramps...'re a pretty cute guy! Wanna come over for some...oh never mind. I suppose Africa is a bit far away. Maybe I could swim over and see you one of these days.
    Miss Mele
    Um...wha's hadedah poop??? I KNOW what poop is...but hadedah??

  10. Hi, H, Sweetpea, Maria Cecilia (I love your name), Diane, Ria, Susan and Mona (I hope that's EVERYONE???)

    Things have been quite busy around here of late...lots of walks, drives in the bakkie (UTES?) and plenty of swimming inbetween! Also, I sprained my paw and had to rest up yesterday, but it's much better today.

    Unfortunately, we dogs have to be dogs sometimes, Maria Cecilia (OOO, I do love saying your pretty!) We also get carried away here and dig up the lawn. Bonny often lies in the flowerbeds and Toby is still learning to respect Desiree's garden, but I give him a sharp nip on the ankle when he gets too full of himself!

    Hadehdahs are very large birds, Mona. They have enormously long, sharp beaks for eating grubs and earthworms! YUK!

    I didn't like the car either, Sweetpea. I used to cry like a girl, but I love it now! Just took some patience from my humans to get me over it.

    Hugs to you all - thanks for visiting me! xxx

  11. Heathcliff, what a clever lot your humans are - that ramp is a brilliant idea. Really helps with doggies that either can't jump high enough or have sore joints and jumping isn't good for them. Such a good idea. Enjoy your swims and walkies!

  12. Hi Linda:

    Great to see you visiting my blog again :) Thank you!


    Heathcliff xxx

  13. What a marvelous improvisation. This Ozark Farm Chick knows that sometimes one must truly think outside the box!!! It's a pleasure to meet ya Heathcliff, I'm sure you and Tiger the Wonder Dog would be great pals.

    I'm just in awe of your beautiful pictures in the posts below. They are just fabulous sweetie!!!

    God bless ya'll from the icy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)

  14. Hey sweetie, I just wanted to thank you for visitin' with your sweet, sweet comment. Please drop in often...the door of the Ponderosa is always open.

    Ya'll have a fantastic day!!! :o)

  15. First of all, THANK YOU, for stopping by my site.
    And, isn't that Nezzy a HOOT!
    But, most of all I was blown away by your comment.
    THANK YOU! and welcome to my FAMILY! I can't wait to tour your site. Just seeing that waterfall makes me want to move on right away.

    Funny thing, I have a new puppy and I have been thinking to give it a go with him on Tuesdays.

    Also, some of my stuff are stores, but, I usually write about goofy or stupid things I do or have happened to me. Read the ones suggested on my sidebar comment (or my most popular) to get a picture of the kind of stuff I write.

    Before I move on "SOUTH AFRICA!" I have been trying to get some readers from outside the US & Canada. Wooooo, Hooooo!
    This is kt moving on>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  16. Well done Heathcliff on getting your own way!I hope we'll be seeing much more of you.
    Maybe I could use a ramp like that?

  17. If I can nudge Desiree off her seat in front of the computer more often, I'll definitely be back! I have to ensure a fine balance here though, as she is after all the one that feeds me - so I have to be quite subtle, mostly! I just got fed up with her the other day, hence the threat! :)


    Heathcliff xxx

  18. Very cute! The ramp is a great idea for older dogs and younger dogs too. A friends young dog jumped down from a truck and ruptured a disc in her back. Poor thing. We stopped letting our dogs jump by themselves out of truck after that. Now we lift them down even if they don't like it.
    It was nice to meet Heathcliff! What a great furry family you have!


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