Monday, January 24, 2011

Today's outing to Rooi Els Heathcliff

The estuary at Rooi Els looking towards the Klein-Hangklip mountain which dominates the little village.
Here I am in the Rooi Els estuary...
Today was just the best!  After we'd had our breakfast this morning, we were told to 'HUP,' the command we know means we're going out in our bakkie.  'HUP' lets us know we need to trot up our ramp, seat ourselves nicely on our mattress in the loading bay, and wait for the ramp to be folded and packed away, and the tailgate to be firmly shut.
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Most days this means we're going to our field, where we can run and play and chase the tennis balls our favourite person hits for us with his tennis racquet.  We always have a great time and return home, ready for a cooling off swim and more ball play in the pool.
Looking towards the Kogelberg mountains from the estuary at Rooi Els
Today, there was a different excitement in the air.  We canines are pros at detecting any nuances of mood and tone that differ from the norm, so we were already extra alert and expecting a SURPRISE.  
Have you ever seen such white sand? 

When we turned up at our usual field, I must admit to an initial feeling of disappointment, but, true to form, recovered quickly and set about having a great time as usual...charging helter-skelter after the balls, trying to beat Toby to them; thoroughly checking each mound and tree stump for evidence of other visitors, then dutifully leaving my mark to remind all and sundry whose territory this really is!  I like to make a big show when I do this.  I've perfected kicking up a most impressive dust storm, with all four paws, just to ensure any observers know I'm around and mean business!

We drove a long way on the Clarence Drive coastal road that starts at Gordon's Bay and ends at Kleinmond.

Toby, Bonny and I ran all the way up and down on this stretch of sand and bounded in and out of the water in the estuary...what fun it was!
Anyway, back to today. After we'd ended our walk earlier than usual, and I was just about to lodge a complaint, we found ourselves being driven to a brand new spot.  There were so many new sights to see on the way...huge boulders, a large troop of Chacma baboons with their babies and teenagers, great big mountains and the biggest swimming pool we'd ever seen.  We seemed to be driving for ages and ages and I was starting to get a bit restless, but then, we were there... 

All three of us playing fetch on the sand...that's me in front with the ball!
What an exciting place.  It is called Rooiels and we were at the estuary.  There was lots and lots of white sand, a little river full of tiny fish, seaweed, algae and even the odd shell. 
So many new smells to discover...

The new smells were ever so interesting, none of us could decide which was the nicest, as we rushed about all over trying to take them all in. 
The water was too shallow to swim in most places, but we had a great time splashing about and fetching our balls!
That's me swimming in a deeper spot...

We ran in and out of the water and, where it was deep enough, I swam.  Even the deepest places were a bit too shallow for Bonny and Toby to swim, but they had such a lot of fun prancing about and splashing like crazy, chasing me, each other, our tennis balls and their tails. 

Bonny running after Toby...
Bonny got the ball first that time...

Toby doing his drowned rat immitation...he's still a puppy at just over 10 months old, so has lots to learn!

Gottcha!  These balls aren't easy to locate with all the splashing...
We saw a hawk hovering above, as it scanned the bushes for mice and there were plenty of other smaller birds flying about.  I saw swallows and gulls and a big dragonfly.  

Oh, what fun we had, running up and down on the sea-sand, as fast as we could, chasing after our balls.

Oops!  It's a little deep for me here...better just check it out before I leap for the ball!

Here I am, teaching Toby to be patient.  Wait until I say you can take the ball, Toby!

Bonny - we all love her so much.  She has such a gentle nature!

There we are, looking like drowned rats again.  We had a good bath when we got home to wash all the sand from our coats.

It was quite windy - you can see Bonny's hair blowing.  Toby & I have short coats, so the wind doesn't bother us!

Bonny is 10, but she still absolutely loves to take part in everything!

I think I was feeling a bit pooped at this point...

Isn't that just the best place?  Sea, river, sand, sky, mountains...

We played and played and played and when we started to tire, we all returned to our bakkie for a cool drink of water, then all clambered up the ramp and came back home for another swim in the pool.  This afternoon, we were all shampooed, bathed and towelled down (our favourite part!) and now, we're waiting for our supper.  I sure know who's going to sleep soundly tonight!



  1. This is so much fun !! for your dogs !!! ...oh Iris and Trevor will play with them !!!...lovely week !! love Ria.....

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh, wish I could have been there. But, going through the pics and "Heathcliff's" comments, is the next best thing. As for the photographer...these pictures are tremendous, kiddo!

    I did experience a tear or two when I saw your Toby. He looks a lot lime my Luke. Luke would have absolutely loved to do this with other dogs. I miss him so much!

  3. Woops, me again...forgot to tell you that your post on the ruins prompted me to write about some ruins I should have visited. It will post tomorrow (my Tuesday) as "We're Not Stopping!"

  4. Me again.
    Repeat after me...she's a twit!

    The one on MY Toby posts tomorrow.
    The ruins posts on Feb 2nd.

  5. Dogs and water! Can't beat that for a fun day.

  6. Mountains and sea! My idea of heaven! That is so beautiful. I think you had a wonderful time Heathcliffe; thanks for letting us share it :)

  7. Oh my goodness glory, these pictures are just fabulous!!! I'm just sittin' here in awe!

    Thank you so much for sharin' them with us.

    God bless and have a most beautiful day!!!

  8. Why Heathcliff, you look like a labrador when you are standing in water! How cute!


  9. Thanks, I NEEDED THAT. And, yes I am in competition with myself. I have always been an overachiever. My dad instilled in me to ALWAYS do my personal best. Unfortunately he didn't teach me how to turn it off.

    I have a great imagination and as I sit here typing (and looking of the pic of Heathcliff in the water) I can see my Toby splashing around annoying the heck out of him.

    I know from the pictures that you had a GREAT TIME.

  10. Wow are the beaches amazing! I didn't realize just how beautiful they would be. It looks like the perfect place for 3 cute dogs to play and burn off some energy.

  11. Desiree...I couldn't find an email address so I am responding to your comment on my post, here.

    I learned early on not to take any followers that decides to opt out, personally. However, as I said, I do have that moment of "OH no! Wha'd I do!" :) But only for a moment.
    You know they only allow us to have so many followers and then they cut it off. That means you must go in and find those that haven't posted in months, or those that don't comment and you have lost complete track of..but usually you never know who it is.

    I have been at this blogging thing for two years this past Dec. 11...I think. Not sure but right about there. It's been fun, but to be very much as I love does take up a LOT of time. I've been trying to cut it back..but it's difficult.
    You are so advanced for having just been at blogging for two months. Much more advanced than I was. Some people just catch onto things like this fast..or have had lots of experience on the computer. I didn't and I am still struggling.

    It has been so nice getting to know you and others that are so kind and loving.

    In two years I've only had one bad experience...and that's not bad at all.
    I loved your comment!
    (these photo's are amazing!) It's like being right there with you!
    G'night! ..and hugs! :)

    p.s. I have been here and seen all of this and yet I don't see my comment. ???

  12. Hi Mona:

    So lovely to have you pop back on over here and I really appreciate and value ALL of your comments!

    I don't know what happens to some of the comments I've received - they just disappear! Two of my earliest posts each had quite a number of comments from different bloggers. Subsequently, they've ALL vanished!

    I read & post every single comment, check that each has appeared, almost always type a response and everything looks fine & dandy and then I'll notice (at a much later stage & time) that something has GONE! And I know for sure it's not anything I've done! Weird!

    It makes me really sad to know your earlier comment here has also gone AWOL!!!


    Des xo

  13. Heathcliffe, apart from having short legs I think you are very spoilt by your humans. You have two beautiful friends there in Bonny and Toby, its great to see how you all get on. You certainly went to a beautiful place.

  14. Hi Desiree,

    Just to respond to your comment on my Docklands post, I have a friend whose son lives in SA. They visited him last year and I have seen her photos of the Victoria and Albert Waterfront. Yes, there are a lot of similarities :)


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