Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ancient Rainforest [Part 3 of Rovos Rail & Victoria Falls trip]

The rainforest area of the Victoria Falls National Park contains many unique species of both fauna and flora. A well constructed pathway allows the visitor to meander at leisure amongst ancient Fig, Mahogany and Date Palm groves while gazing at the Falls from the many magnificent viewpoints. The observant visitor will be able to spot many shy species of birds and small mammals beneath the protective canopy of the forest. The constant background thunder of the falls at times almost succeeds in drowning out the loud croaking of the hundreds of frogs that inhabit the silent pools and trickling streams gently flowing amongst the dense, verdant vegetation.  If ever there was an Eden, this is it!  A truly captivating place that you'll never wish to leave! Please click the read more button below to continue ;)

Photographs cannot do justice to the beauty of this earthly paradise...
Tarzan would have fun amongst these trailing vines!

Such breath-taking splendor...
Lush ferns form a dense carpet around the base of ancient trees...

Twisted tapestries...
Decaying timber, sweet smelling...
Pools and streams everywhere, hidden, elusive...
Dank, damp, rich, humic nurseries...
Mosses and lichens, mushrooms and fungi - a botanist's dream!
New life feeds off decay...fairy worlds in embryo!
Nature - Master Gardener supreme!

No human sculptor could equal such perfection!
Acre upon acre of dense verdant forest...
If you walk quietly you might catch sight of small buck resting in the lush greenery!
Observe carefully - tiny world's are everywhere!
Listen closely and you'll hear tiny frogs clicking beneath the waterlily pads...
Notice the striking variety of richly hued subtropical plants...

Such perfection...
Heady perfume...

Striking shades in every hue!
Go up close and greet the many gossamer-winged dragonflies...
Admire the host of butterflies...
So delicate, so colourful...
Warthog families abound - little groups move freely from forest to open parkland...some are regular visitors in the grounds of the Victoria Falls Hotel.

"I really do need a nap!"

Ma, Pa and kids!

Troops of baboons regularly pass through the grounds of the hotel.  While we were there, we had the thrill of observing many mothers with their nursing babies.

Dad just wanted to be allowed to catch up on a much needed nap!

"I feel so safe with Mom!"

Vervet monkeys everywhere....
Most had babies...

"How do I look here?"

"Is this a better pose?"

This bridge was designed and constructed in England and transported in kit form to be reassembled on site in 1906, linking Zimbabwe and Zambia by road.

One has this view of the bridge from the Zimbabwe side on the outer edge of the rainforest.
Throughout the Rainforest National Park, you'll observe the creative use of fallen logs and trunks.  This was fitted with a handbasin and drinking tap.
The rainforest overlooks a section of the mighty Zambezi River and, of course, the falls themselves...

All of the pictures taken of the Victoria Falls in this post and the last one were taken from the many different vantage points within the Rainforest. 
Once again, I need to reiterate that no camera nor written description can possibly do this justice.  We took a lot of video recording, but even that falls short of experiencing the "real deal!" 

My next post will be of our helicopter flight over the falls themselves - a most incredible experience, one which anyone who visits the falls should really try to do as well!




  1. It looks amazing. Your photos may not in your opinion do it justice, but they look pretty good to me and give a good idea of what a rainforest is like. I've never seen one for real - little recreations in some 'tropical houses' in zoos, that's all. Those butterflies and flowers are brilliant colours.

  2. O my...your blog is so so so beautiful !!!...i liek all these beautiful pictures again....lovely Ria.....

  3. Really special, curious if there are mosquitoes in the area with all the dampness, I would have been eaten alive by bugs. Next a helicopter ride ? brave woman you are , take care, Gina

  4. Desiree,
    I really enjoyed that tour! I remember walking in the "Victoria falls rainforest" when I was about 10 years old (long time ago) Little did I know that I would be living in a rainforest now! You have really captured the feeling of the place - the fact that there are such layers of life on each tree, with the mosses, creepers and ferns.

  5. I knew the moment I saw the would be a place I would never want to leave. Since I have moved into this little trac home two years ago...nearly three now..we have planted 11 tree's on the property. It's the only thing I can do..and the closest I will ever come to such a paradise.
    What a beautiful, beautiful picture.

  6. I'm ready to hop on a plane to visit those fall right now. My girls would love seeing all the animals and the rain forest is so beautiful!


    Thank you for your comments. Always appreciated!


    Yes, this is indeed mosquito paradise. You need to take a Malaria prophylactic and smother yourself in repellent. We also wore long sleeves in the evenings. Everyone sleeps under mosquito nets and burns citronella candles. None of us was bitten.

  8. I'm lost for words! It is truly incredible and so different from my daily experience. You write about warthogs, monkeys and baboons as I might write about foxes, squirrels and mice. It's so wonderful to share your experience.

  9. This trip is definitely going on my bucket list.
    The walk through the exotic jungle with the exotic view of the falls is stunning.

  10. Hi Des! Wow, what a stunning trip you went on! And those baboons - they're my favourite animal, that baby is too sweet. I must definitely visit the Vic Falls before I die one day. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures.

  11. Thank you everyone for your positive feedback. It's what keeps me going. I think my husband might be getting ready to trade me in, as I've been spending so much time "on my blog," but when I started out doing this Vic Falls holiday post, I had no idea it would become so lengthy. My problem, of course, is that there are so many wonderful pictures to choose from and I find it very difficult to have to limit myself. Sometimes I've felt my posts are WAAAAAAAAAAAY too long & that most readers will probably give up long before they get to the end. It's good to know some of you have really been enjoying it :)

  12. What a very special place.

    Noooooooo, your posts are never too long - love 'em :)

  13. Hello its Sweetpea, thanks for joining my blog. I really like the pictures you took.


  14. Susan:

    Oh, you are so kind!


    How lovely to see you've not only come to visit, but that you are my newest follower - thank you!

  15. Hi Desiree;) I can only but sigh in wonder and (dare I say it?) envy. It's made me more determined to get up there next time we do a bike trip of the surrounding African countries. Oh every photos is spectactular and no, your posts are SO interesting and informative. Keep them just the same. Blessings from Central South Africa (lol) Jo

  16. Looking at this picture makes me think that it IS Eden.

    You should write for a South African travel magazine.

    Movin on>>>>>>>> kt


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